A return to the hobby

So recently, I’ve been lurking around other blog sites on the hobby of baseball card collecting and have decided to start my own blog, just to create not only a place where I can document my collection and what I want, but also a forum for other collectors. I was never too into collecting sets or anything as a kid because by the time I had baseball cards, the market had already been saturated with so many common and base cards. So in that sense, I never had a huge collection. But I did enjoy going to sports card shows at the local malls every few months and seeing the bustling crowds made me feel excited that were other people who enjoyed collecting as much as I did. I went mainly to get autographs of whoever was signing. As I talked about, 1997-98 was really the big year in baseball where there was the home run chase and everything. It was at those type of events where I got to meet Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi (when they were A’s) and also some now nameless Giants like William Vanlandingham (also known as Van Launching Pad for all the home runs he gave up). I also remember, I met Jim Palmer when he was heavily promoting his Money Store and Jockey commercials.

Anyways, I’m really not quite sure how I got back into this, but months ago when the baseball season first began in April. I decided for some odd reason to buy some Tim Lincecum cards. I remembered that regular cards were worthless and so common. There is no joy for me in collecting something that anyone can have, so I remembered that when collecting cards, the card that everyone is usually after is their rookie card. Supposedly, Bowman is the “home of the rookie card,” so I opted to buy his Bowman card. But this wasn’t enough because rookie cards are so easy to come by nowadays. The card had to be limited or rare. I opted to get his autograph card. I ended up buying one for $60. Still not satisfied, I went on to buy a refractor version that was numbered /500 for around $90. Being the obsessive compulsive and paranoid person that I am, I had to get these cards graded. No, I am not one of those people who grade to increase the value to sell for a profit on eBay. I do it purely to get it in a slab for protection and also to try to get a 10 because I’m anal like that. Getting a Gem-mint 10 is like getting an A+ in a course – it’s quite satisfying. Call it what you want; I’m anal about perfection.

Anyway, after that, I kinda stopped, but with the recently release of Allen & Ginter 2008, I have begun to collect again. I don’t know what started it, but I just feel the need to put a set together. I began reading all the different sports card sites, starting with Sports Card Info, which is what first came up when I googled Allen & Ginter. This lead me to a bunch of other blogs including Mario’s Wax Heaven, SCU, Bad Wax, Dinged Corners, and the Beckett blog, just to name a few. Now I’m not going to be like everyone else and break boxes every week or two because I simply don’t have the funds to invest thousands of dollars in cards (how do you guys afford it??), but I will maybe once or twice a year, get a box just to see what I get. I found that it just makes more sense for me to buy the card I want from eBay even though it takes the thrill away from pack opening.

Anyway, while getting back to this hobby, I was amazed to find how much it changed from trading cards as kids to trading with complete strangers online. There are so many youtube channels dedicated to box breaks, group box breaks, contests, giveaways, mail days, and the like. It’s great and it’s probably one of the reasons I want to start blogging about what I have. So without further adieu, these are my goals:

1. Collect Tim Lincecum – Yes, I know I probably could have went with a cheaper player, but I believe he is simply the best pitcher in the majors right now and he’s on the Giants so I have to like him. I will collect anything and everything of his. So far, I am at five cards…I know pathetic. Collecting one player was inspired after reading about Mario’s Andrew Miller collection.

2. Collect Allen & Ginter 2008 – I think this was probably not a good idea because it led to me getting a box and a couple blaster boxes. I want to get the 350 base set + 50 state cards + the mini set (including world leaders). Was this a bad idea? Probably. But the Allen & Ginter series is so cool because it covers a wide variety of subjects from historical figures to other sports atheletes. And yes, professional eating is a sport. But this should be kind of fun because other people are missing cards so you can trade for cards you need from each other.

3. Collect Allen & Ginter 2008 Giants Silk Cards – For some odd reason, I bought a Ray Durham silk card off eBay a month ago. I don’t know why I did it. I think i just wanted to see how they made a card from silk. I ended up getting it for like $11 or something, which I thought was a good deal. They are labeled only to 10. I thought it would be pretty fun to do. So far I have two because I just bought a Scott Holm off eBay today for like $22 which was totally overpriced (compared to Durham). I need: Randy Winn, Eugenio Velez, Aaron Rowand (I just missed out on winning this, which sold for like $38, sigh), Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum (god this is going to be expensive), John Bowker, Dave Roberts, and Bengie Molina. I think there’s 10 cards in all in the Giants team set so 2/10? Doh.

Anyways, I hope this blog gets read because it would be sad if I’m writing this to myself and nobody else reads leading to no trades or discussion of baseball topics.


5 Responses to “A return to the hobby”

  1. Nice Start! Glad to see you up and running!


  2. Welcome to the Hobby Blogosphere. You have now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  3. Welcome back to the hobby!! I too am a born again collector as I just got back into it after a 15+ year absence. You’re off to a great start! Have Fun!!

  4. Dude, this is an awesome blog. I have been checking out all of the posts and I really like what you bring to the table. It’s cool that you’re a Giants fan too, I don’t see too many of them around!

  5. Thanks for the kind words! It’s amazing – it’s only been a week and I have over 600 hits. Everyone has been very welcoming.

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