Cy Young Candidates

There are many things wrong with the Giants organization. For one, they bring up draft picks (Conor Gillaspie) way too fast, which might stunt their development as well as burn through their options. There’s no good reason to bring up prospects that early in their career unless they are an obvious superstar like A-Rod or Bonds. But every fifth day, we are reminded of one good thing that the Giants organization has done, and that is let Lincecum pitch.

There has been talk of a three-way NL Cy Young race between Lincecum, Webb, and Sabathia. I really hope Timmy wins for obvious reasons, but how close is this race? It was supposedly Webb’s to lose and in the past couple of weeks, he has faltered mightily. He has missed three chances to win his 20th game and in addition, he got owned by the Dodgers’ hitting. It raised his ERA up more than half a point, while also cutting short his IP. If he gets 20 wins, that will definitely give him a good shot because that’s the magic number in the minds of many voters, but we’ll see. As for Sabathia, he has just been completely dominant since being traded over to the Brewers. He has gone 9-0 with an anorexic ERA and even came close to a no-hitter. Despite this, his combined record is like 15-8 or something. I think he’s out of the running simply because he didn’t pitch a full season in the NL. Switching halfway through the season could be viewed as an advantage, especially from a pitcher’s standpoint because batters haven’t really had a good look so they will dominate hitters in different leagues (too bad the same can’t be said about Zito, you bum). But, if he does win the rest of his starts or has some amazing no-hitter or perfect game, then he has a great shot to still win.

Then of course there’s Timmy, who has seen more than his fair share of blown wins by the bullpen. He should really be around 17-18 wins right now if it weren’t for our horrid bullpen. If you look at the number of quality starts, he has more than Webb and the Giants bullpen blew more win opportunities for him than Arizona for Webb. Then finally, you see that he only has 3 losses over the course of the season, low ERA, and amazingly high strikeout total. He had a terrible game against Colorado last week, but I blame it on the altitude. Tomorrow, he pitches against the Diamondbacks and I hope he returns to form. If he wins this week and again next week against the Padres (which shouldn’t be a problem), I think he should be a lock for Cy Young. I’m going to next weekend’s night game against the Padres. The supposed dual is between Lincecum and Peavy – perhaps one of the greatest matchups in the modern ERA? Maybe that’s overexaggerating, but hey who knows how these two will turn out in a few years. Anyway, I will probably be taking lots of pictures so stay tuned!


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