Allen & Ginter 2008 – Hit Parade

Okay, so I thought of a wittier title earlier, but I forgot, so this will have to suffice. Today, I did two box breaks of 2008 Allen & Ginter Hobby Box. I know that you are guaranteed 2 hits per box and I’ve been hearing that people were getting a lot more than 2 hits per box, but man, I did not expect THIS many hits. From two boxes, I got nine hits! Four hits from the first box and five hits from the second box. On top of that, I got very few doubles – less than 10 doubles for sure! This is an amazing product, but I probably won’t buy anymore just based on the fact that the odds are now against me and I’ll probably get more doubles. I am pretty close to completing the base set so I will post my needs/wants soon. I will also post hits later on after I organize everything. I will be open to trades.

Note: Late last week, I tried a retail blaster of Allen & Ginter and I ended up getting an auto hit of Geoff Jenkins. I’ll scan and post everything soon. Until then, I am a pretty happy camper.


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