Allen & Ginter Rip Cards

I just recently bought a 2008 Allen & Ginter Lincecum rip card off eBay. I think I read this topic somewhere and I have to agree; I really really hate the idea of rip cards. Ruin a perfectly good card to get to a potentially better card. Why would card companies do that to you? Personally, I don’t think I can ever rip a card. Luckily for collectors, the flashlight trick still does its job so you can tell what’s inside without having to rip it. That gives me a little piece of mind about ripping into cards to get to the inside by knowing what’s inside already. Actually, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of rip cards if you already know what’s inside, so Topps actually did a horrible job of making rip cards since they really serve no purpose other than letting people damage cards in purpose.

I think I’ll be pretty sad to see the state of the card on it’s ripped back, but I guess I can’t complain too much about getting a numbered Allen & Ginter Lincecum card for $10. I also think people who pay $200 to get an unripped rip card is crazy. You don’t even know what’s inside! If people think that the sellers didn’t look themselves, then that is just plain naive. Sellers are out there to make money and they don’t make money by taking a risk and selling without knowing what they are selling.

What do you guys think about rip cards? Love them? Hate them? Discuss.

In other news, I have updated my want list for the A&G ’08 set. I also have a TON of minis and I don’t think I’m going to finish the set, so I will be posting what I have and I will be open to trades.


3 Responses to “Allen & Ginter Rip Cards”

  1. Hate ’em! For the same reasons you listed…especially people selling them unripped when they know what’s in there.

    If I am going to have one, I’d much rather pull it myself.

  2. OH boy, me and my big mouth. 🙂

    I just pulled a Russel Martin/75 rip card.

    Thankfully I have no love for the Dodgers, because this thing is screaming at me to rip it. I haven’t tried the flashlight out…but I bet I will if there is one with batteries around the house.

    I am going to try to film it tomorrow, but I may rip it two minutes after I submit this…

    I hate them now for the decision I have to make, but may love them after it’s open?

  3. Oh that’s an easy decision. Dodgers and everything associated with Dodgers are evil in San Francisco. By all means, rip that sucker up!

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