Allen & Ginter Retail Boxes

Today, I was at Target picking up some supplies and as I passed by the trading cards aisle, they were stocked in Allen & Ginter blaster boxes. Next to them was an open box of packs for $2.99 each. After all the talk about pack searchers and a creepy old guy who was there earlier looking around, I decided to pass on the packs. I did, however, grab two boxes of retail for $19.99 to see how they would compare to the two boxes of hobby that I opened earlier this week.They were brand new without any visible damage to them. I hurried home to open them, only to be shocked at what I found…

I will never buy retail blasters ever again. Ever. As you all know, the mini cards are pretty loose in the pack so they can shift around a lot. I ended up with four bent mini cards! FOUR. they slide to the side because I guess when they package these boxes, they just stuff it in, rather than laid flat as in hobby boxes. The corners of the minis were caught and then bent really badly. What’s worse is that they were good cards. One was an ancient icon of Quetzalcoatl, which kind of pissed me off because I was collecting the ancient icons set. The other bent cards were all Ginter backs. People who package and handle retail boxes just don’t seem to care, so that’s the end of that for me.

But from those retail boxes, I got pretty good cards for retail. I got only three cards that I needed to fill my base set. Luckily, they were all SPs. In addition. I got a Beowulf ancient icon, a David & Goliath World’s Greatest Victories, a bunch of Ginter backs (btw, I decided to stop collecting the base set of minis because I don’t like mixing and matching Giner backs with no numbers with black borders because it doesn’t look nice and it would take forever to put together one type of set only so they are all up for trade), and probably the best hit of the boxes, a Daric Barton Ginter back #’d 14 of 25. I think the odds of pulling that from a retail box are astronomical (okay, not quite, but still quite a feat!) I also got a swatch hit of Jason Varitek. I will post pictures soon of all signifcant hits along with the box break of hobby.

Note: I have been getting a bunch of trade proposals to fill my set and also team requests so keep them coming!


5 Responses to “Allen & Ginter Retail Boxes”

  1. I would totally keep my money saved back to buy the hobby box if there was a place within 50 miles to get them. The only card shop in that range (and probably within closer to 100) is just singles and comic books, and a select few packs. I just don’t like spending that much online, so I’m stuck with retail pretty much. And unlike you, I’ve gotten pretty much jack & s*** from the blasters I’ve bought this year. My only hit from Allen & Ginter came from a single pack at Wal-Mart (Jason Varitek), and not the blaster (a Team Orange was the closest thing to a hit in it). I’d go so far as to say I have much better luck with loose retail packs than blasters, such as it is.

  2. i just got out of 5 retail packs form target
    4 sp base
    a ginter worlds greatest victories
    two black border minis
    a world leader mini
    and a brad hawpe jersey

    all for 16$!

  3. I pulled a 1/1 Henry Kissinger Signature card out of a Allen & Ginter box bought from Target. I was really shocked! But, today I pulled a Bret Farve 2008 lettermen “S” #d 69/77 and a Anquan Boldin 2007 double fabric with auto #d 3/5. I had an AWESOME day!!

  4. Adding to my previous comment the other two cards I pulled weren’t from the Allen & Ginter card company. the 2007 was out of a Playoff Absolute Memorabillia hobby shop box, and my 2008 was pulled from an Upper Deck Icons hobby shop box.

  5. That’s great! Some people have all the luck, haha

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