Allen & Ginter Hobby and Retail Box Hits

So here are the hits as promised from the two hobby boxes that I broke earlier this week:

My very first hit was a silk card! I forget what the seeds are to find these cards, but I imagine the odds are pretty large. This is #’d 3 of 10 of Masahide Kobayashi of the Indians. I am hesitant to put this up for auction on eBay since silk cards haven’t been doing that well and Kobayashi isn’t that well-known of a player. They’ve only been fetching around $20 and if that’s true, I’d be happier holding on to this. However, if you have a trade proposal, I’m open to that. This first box finished u p with a Paul Lo Duca GU Bat Relic, and a Matt Kemp and Troy Tulowitzki GU Jersey Relic. I’m open to trades for all three.

The next box I broke, I got five hits, which really amazed me seeing as how you’re only supposed to get two; but a lot of people have been claiming to get more than two hits on average. GU Jersey Relics of Tom Glavine, Carlos Marmol (who I’m probably going to trade to Lonestarr), Curt Schilling, J.J. Hardy, and an auto of Ian Kinsler. I think it was a pretty good box considering I got two future HOF’s. Again, open to trades for all.

These last three hits are from retail boxes. The Jason Varitek was from a hot pack from eBay (I have no idea, how you would packsearch an A&G because of all the state cards). I only got it to see how legit it is. I have no conclusion as everything about the pack is the same and I think they get it through packsearching as it looks to me that the pack is factory-sealed. If that’s the case, it might be more financially logical to buy these packs if you’re looking for hits. The other two are from two out of the three retail boxes I’ve bought. One is a Geoff Jenkins auto and the other is a Michael Young GU Jersey Relic. Open for trades.

Lastly, I want to show these two cards. One is a Daric Barton Ginter Mini SP, #’d 14 of 25 and a Cole Hamels Mini SP No Number back (I think these have a production run of 50). These are both from retail breaks, which is pretty amazing. The retails are full of Ginter back minis and also are not stingy with the black borders either. I would be happy with the retails thus far, if it weren’t for their cards being so damaged. That makes them pretty worthless to me. Anyway, I’m not sure if I should auction these on eBay as a similar Daric Barton sold a few days ago for liek $10 and I’m not sure how much the Cole Hamels would fetch, but I think there’s a lot more collectors out there that would come up with a fairer trade for these. Otherwise, they will be up on eBay if I find no traders.

The past two retail boxes did me no good in terms of helping me finish my collection. They only had four cards to fill what I was missing from the base set. The two hobby boxes were amazing in helping me build the base set. I came up with less than 15 doubles. In addition. I also got some help for the base from some cards from an earlier retail. I ended up being around 50 cards short of the base set including state cards, which really isn’t bad. If you haven’t seen boxbreaker’s break of Goudey, the doubles stack almost matched the base singles. A&G is a great product as you can see how much I love it based on past entries, but I think I’m pretty much done buying boxes. They’re expensive and I’m not sure how people bust cases of this stuff. This is probably a once a year thing for me, unless I have some sudden urge as the holidays approach.

Anyway, check my Want List as it is updated pretty much everyday. I am open to all trades and you can contact me by e-mail under the new contacts section. Thanks.


6 Responses to “Allen & Ginter Hobby and Retail Box Hits”

  1. I will see that your cards will be out Friday or Saturday. I’ve got an apb out on something for that Marmol. Very nice hits, btw.

  2. I pulled a 1/1 Daniel Webster Authentic Cut Signature today from a blaster box ( so stoked!!!!). i was wondering if anyone has seen any other of the 20 cut sigs. go in auctions and for how much? i see on ebay one guy has one selling from 2007 for around $5,000. Any interest?

  3. Wow, that’s a great pull! A pull of a life time! And from a blaster box?? That’s like what happened to Mario. This is the Daniel Webster, secretary of state from like the 1800’s right? As for the other cut sigs, I haven’t seen any at all so I can’t tell you what it would be worth. But it is worth a pretty penny. If a sig cut of a former president can sell in the tens of thousands, surely another politician should sell in the thousands.

  4. Yep from a blaster from the local K-Mart, who woulda thunk it! Yep THAT Daniel Webster who died in 1852 so the sig. could be up to 200 YEARS OLD! I saw the Buffalo Bill Cut Sig on ebay for $5200 Buy it now or best offer and the Herbert Hoover for around 3 grand but both of those guys died in the 1900’s. I listed it on ebay for 7,500 OBO to start on a ten day listing. If it doesnt sell i at least wanted to get it out there that it had been pulled. There is a CSA show in my area, the DC area, coming up in the end of October and there are usually around 100-150 tables of collectors there so i am hoping to get a good price there if it does not sell on Ebay. For sure MY GREATEST PULL EVER! By chance where did you here of a prez cut selling in the tens of thousands? and which one? and is there another place besides EBAY where i could reach alot of people in the industry that you know about? Thanx

  5. Hey Sean,
    I’m not for sure, but I mean if it’s a president, such as Lincoln or Washington, I’m pretty sure the price on those are a premium. You can check to see old auctions if they really sold for that much, but don’t quote me on that. I might have gotten it mixed up with the BIN price. As for other people, maybe you can contact an auction house? But since it’s a modern day pull, I believe eBay might be the best marketplace; however, showing it off at shows definitely wouldn’t hurt. Keep in mind that every year, they come out with new cut sigs, so you definitely want to think about what time frame you want to sell the card within. You might want to check, such as seeing if the 2007 cut sigs are worth less now.

  6. NO DOUBT, great advice, i will keep ya posted and let ya know the overall outcome. BTW i liked reading all of the posts on here. Very good reads, all of them.

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