Giants vs. Padres on 9/11

Everyone writes about what they were doing when 9/11 happened seven years ago today. I remember I was in class in high school and they ended up letting everyone go home because even the school administrators didn’t really know how to handle the situation. Back then, I remember Bonds was still in the home run chase and I think he was in Houston for a game that got cancelled. What did I end up doing that day? I remember I went to the park to play catch. I don’t really know why I was thinking it at the moment, but “baseball heals all.” That’s probably not very true, but at least it got my mind off things – horrible things.

So it is pretty appropriate that seven years to the day, I end up going to a Padres/Giants game at Petco. I am really excited to see Lincecum pitch against Chris Young on Saturday, but this is more of a bonus game since it was on a Thursday night with a sparse crowd. I didn’t have to fight over standing space during batting practice either. In some ways, batting practice is more exciting than the actual game because you might get to catch a home run ball, albeit, a batting practice ball. You also get to casually chat with the players. For the past three games, I’ve gotten a batting practice ball each time. Today, a home run ball hit off the upper level and bounced onto the field. Being the only Giants fan in left field and wearing the only Giants shirt probably in the whole outfield seats at that time, I shouted to Jack Taschner. He turned around and threw me the ball.

I love getting autographs from players and the Allen & Ginters make perfect autograph cards due to their non-glossy finish. The only player that signed today that I saw was Zito. Despite being a scapegoat for a lot of the team’s failures, he is a really nice guy. He was the only player who even made an effort to try to interact with fans (other than Dave Roberts, who seems to still be loved in San Diego). He signed two balls for me and the Allen & Ginter ’08 Nevada State card of him. We chatted a little bit about the card as he seemed to have no knowledge of it. He was surprised that he was paired with Nevada and asked if they put players who were born in that state. I said I guess, since he was only born there, but grew up in San Diego. I read somewhere that he also buys his own autographed cards off eBay (what a weird thing to do).

I also picked up a nice souvenir for chemgod over at Bad Wax per his request. Hopefully, he posts a picture of it since I won’t steal his thunder. I really wish I got Lincecum to sign a card or two, but oh well. He did throw a few balls into the crowd when they called his name. I won’t get a chance for him to sign on Saturday either, since he pitches. I also took a bunch of pictures from the game:

Barry Zito chatting it up with Tim Lincecum. Probably giving him pitching advice…or the other way around. At first, everyone thought Zito was wearing a Padres cap. And in the game, everyone watching probably thought every Giants player was, but turns out, they gave the players these 9/11 caps, which are Padres blue, but the lettering is outlined in red and white.

Peter Magowan? What are you doing here?? Chatting with someone who looks like Dusty Baker with those glasses. I really wanted to get his autograph and try to get him to sign the same ball as Zito’s. Wouldn’t that be a cool dual auto?

Pregame tribute to 9/11: We will never forget…


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