Replacements for damaged cards

If you don’t read Sports Cards Info, Ross is an excellent resource for all your hobby questions. In fact, it was the first site I came upon when I was searching for how to tell if certain cards are fake. Recently, I was complaining about the damage that mini cards take in retail boxes. Apparently, they aren’t limited to retail and it also happens to some hobby boxes. But I guess it’s more rare since hobby boxes are handled with more care. But he steered me in the direction of getting replacement cards if I sent them into the company. So I hope this works, but if not, whatever, because the cards really aren’t worth more than $5.00. With the damage, they’re probably worth even less. I sent in two mini Allen & Ginter backs of Garret Anderson and John Maine, an ancient icon mini of Quetzalcoatl, and a Melky Cabrera base that had roller marks on it. I also sent in my Lincecum/Smoltz to Upper Deck since there were obvious creases on it that seem to be from just packaging. In any case, if you come across damaged cards, you can reach the two companies below. Topps limits you to 25 cards and UD limits you to 40 cards. I will report back if this system actually works and they actually send replacement cards.

The Topps Company
ATTN: Consumer Relations Dept.
401 York Ave.
Duryea, PA 18642

The Upper Deck Company
ATTN: Quality Assurance Dept.
985 Trade Drive Suite A
North Las Vegas, NV 89030


One Response to “Replacements for damaged cards”

  1. I can’t speak for replacements for damaged cards, but I was sent replacements for missing cards. I purchased a hobby box of 2006 Topps ’52 and it was missing two of the three guaranteed autos. I called Topps CS, and while they couldn’t offer replacement autos — they were out of 06 product — they did offer a replacement GU and several replacement packs.

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