Parallel cards…love them or hate them?

I’ve decided to just trade or sell all my Allen & Ginter 2008 mini cards from this set because I realized there is NO way that I can even come close to finishing the set. I think I would’ve attempted it if there was just one type, but five?? Freaking Topps just had to do that didn’t they? I kind of hate that aspect about card collecting. What’s the point of producing 5-10 different versions of the same card, but in different colors? I think they have that aspect for UD Heroes. I can understand a couple, or sometimes, even different types like refractor, X-factor for the Bowman Chrome cards, but I hate the different color of the same card. I think I would rather just have a larger set than so many different parallels.

I guess I hate the parallels that are more associated with color because other types of parallels have noticeable differences. For example, I think for UD Premier, the lower #’d sets have nicer patches with more colors. But as for set collecting, it’s such a pain because once you bust a box or pack, you end up with so many different versions that it will be that much more difficult to put together a set of just that type. I suppose you could mix and match different types into one set, but since I’m OCD, they all have to be uniform. Another thing I hate is Moments & Milestones. I bought one card for a buck or two off eBay, but that’s it. I’ll take cards if they come by mail, but seriously, it’s the same freakin’ card with just a different number. Stupid card companies and their desire to just make more money. They take advantage of people who are even more OCD than me who try to collect type sets. For example, look HERE; tell me that is not crazy. Imagine the time and effort this person had to go through to put that together. Not only that, but imagine how much money they spent. If it wasn’t by trade or buying individually, this person had to just keep busting boxes of this stuff. Was it really worth it? If he made more than $500 net, then probably, but jeez.

So if anyone is interested, all the mini cards I have are up for trade, otherwise I’m putting the whole lot on eBay. There are some pretty nice cards here such as a black border Mickey Mantle and a Honus Wagner baseball icons. There’s also a bunch of world leaders and an aviation card to choose from. I am taking down my want list for the mini cards, except for Lincecum mini cards. I still want the regular mini, A&G back mini, black border mini, no #, and Bazooka mini of him.


4 Responses to “Parallel cards…love them or hate them?”

  1. Parallels suck. Unless you have Chrome in your name, it should be one parallel per set. If I see another “Mahogany Framed” parallel, or a “Hyper Red” parallel, im jumping. Cosigners and Masterpieces are the worst. Dont even get me started on Moments and Milestones.

  2. I got so fed up with them, I just said screw it and posted the whole lot of 80 cards on eBay for sale, binder, 15-pocket pages and all. I held on only to one card, the no # Cole Hamels. I have a feeling he’s going to be a Cy Young contender one day – but it’s up for trade for any Phillies fans.

  3. I hear ya – I got rid of all my AG mini’s and am looking to do the same with the Goudey mini’s. I also don’t like how UD Heroes did their parallels its a dizzying array of colors. I want to collect cards not colors of the rainbow!

  4. I agree with you for the most part. I hate most parallels, but I do like all of the different types of refractors in various Topps products. I also like the A&G and Goudey mini’s but I do wish that there was only one kind of mini for each of them.

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