Pinnacle 2007 Mint Collection

There’s been alot of reminiscing (HERE and also HERE) about Pinnacle’s foray into the baseball cards in cans idea, but this reminded me of their other gimmick…coins in baseball cards. Do you guys remember this stuff? I remember I got an empty can as they were first promoting it at a local card show at a mall. I think this set cam even before the cards in a can idea. As a promotional item, they were giving away tons of packs of this stuff every hour at the show to generate buzz. People were trading to try to complete the 30 card set. There were tons of brass coins everywhere and then once in a while, someone got a silver or gold coin to go in their die-cut card. I always thought it was kind of a weird concept to fit a metal coin into a piece of cardboard. Something just didn’t seem right about that. And then you always got the occasional kid who tried to force it in and in the process damaged the card. Who were they promoting this product to anyway? I stayed for hours at the card show and ended up with most of the colleciton and it was all free. I think the way they tried to hook you was that there were always more cards in the pack than coins so you had to keep buying packs to try to get all the coins to fill the set of cards. Anyways, those were the days. Gone are the days of card shows at malls once a month and gone are the days of free card giveaways as promotional events. (Or am I wrong? Do they still do that? Those rip events aren’t free, are they?)

Oh Barry, still sportin’ that earring. Good times.


One Response to “Pinnacle 2007 Mint Collection”

  1. I got a box of ’97 Pinnacle Mint Football one Christmas I think it was, though I seem to remember having a Tony Gwynn coin (and one or two other baseball players too), and a couple of racing ones? Did they make NASCAR ones too at some point? They used to have a box or two of Pinnacle Mint Hockey at Shopko for a long time. Haven’t been for awhile to know if they still do though.
    I could use a box of something different like that right about now. And some orange juice. I think I’m catching a cold or something.

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