Dinged Corners

I recently got an expensive Lincecum card off eBay to fulfill both my silk collection, but also my Lincecum PC. I probably overpaid for it, I wanted to make sure I got it so I put in a high bid and in the closing seconds it went from around $60 to over $100. That pissed me off, but at least I got it. It’s pretty rare when there’s only 10 cards of that type in existance and I’ve never seen silk cards before so I think that may be a first. Anyway, I was pretty excited to receive it today, but upon getting it, I found that the top left corner is dinged and bent. I’m not sure if this is a result of hiding this fact before the auction or during shipping. All things point to the damage during shipment because the bubble mailer is bent as well. Despite the card being in a top loader, cards still float around. What a very disappointing day. I’ve contacted the seller and luckily, he was smart enough to purchase insurance so we’ll see how USPS responds with this problem. I took a bunch of pictures as if someone rear-ended my car. Ugh.

Have you guys had any bad experiences with eBay sales where the card wasn’t what it was advertised as or came damaged?


5 Responses to “Dinged Corners”

  1. Contact the seller and request either a partial refund or a full refund. If he mentioned the damage in the auction you are screwed. Sellers will do anything to make money sometimes. Its gross. There is no ethics allowed in the hobby anymore.

  2. There was no mention of damage in the auction. In fact, it said NEW, and he said he would look into the post office causing the damage and trying to get insurance money that way…either way, UGH! I read about your trade too BTW, which is understandable to be upset.

  3. Good luck with the insurance request and keep us posted!

  4. Oh man what a bummer – hopefully you’ll get something out of the insurance….. Keep us posted!

  5. Good luck! I have gotten some cards from eBay sellers that were in worse than the advertised condition. However, in all cases, I just mailed the card back to the seller and got a refund. I leave negative feedback when this happens because it’s a waste of my time to have to deal with all of that when the seller tries to mask the card’s condition…

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