2008 UD Ballpark

So recently while scavenging around eBay, these cards started coming up in search hits. 2008 UD Ballpark patch and auto cards, which I have never seen before. I googled around for a bit and found out they were released a little over a week ago and is a new product. I didn’t see any significant posts about this product other than a preview from SCU and also Wax Heaven back in May, so I thought I would share the breakdown that I found. In a hobby pack, you get 5 cards, of which 3 are either all memorabilia cards or 1 autograph and 2 memorabilia cards; and I assume the last 2 are just base. What I think is good about this is that you don’t have tons of base cards, because there are only 100. I like that there’s tons of swatch cards (well, that might not be a good thing on second thought), but most importantly, they actually have presidential signature cuts, which is desirable in any product. And like SCU mentioned, there are button and jersey tags for memorabilia cards, which are pretty cool. Anyways, if anyone is interested in a group break of this stuff…I’d be pretty interested. Not that I would do one because I’m pretty inexperienced with the whole YouTube thing, but if anyone wants to volunteer, I’m in haha. The price isn’t bad either as past hobby boxes sold on eBay have gone as low as $110 including shipping (Individual packs are selling for around $30 so around $6 per card). If we get two or three boxes at that price, we could easily do $6-10 per team slot. Anyways, you guys can decide for yourselves how good this product is:

Configuration: 6 boxes per case. 4 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

– Three Memorabilia Cards or One Autograph and two Memorabilia cards in every pack, on average!
– Every pack contains one Dual Swatch Memorabilia Card and one Quad Swatch Memorabilia Card, on average!
– One Ballpark Rookie Autograph per box, on average!

Regular Cards
– Base Set -100 Cards
– Ballpark Rookie Autographs (1 per Box, on average)
– Ballpark Dual Memorabilia Card (1 per pack, on average)
– Ballpark Quad Memorabilia Card(1 per pack, on average)
– Ballpark Six Swatch Memorabilia Card (1 per Box, on average)
– Ballpark Eight Swatch Memorabilia Card (1 per Box, on average)

Autograph Cards
– Ballpark Autographed Memorabilia Card
– Ballpark Dual Autographed Memorabilia Card
– Signs of History Presidential Cut Signatures

Memorabilia Cards
– Ballpark MLB Logo Patch (Varied #’d)
– Ballpark MLB Jersey Tag (Varied #’d)
– Ballpark MLB Jersey Button (Varied #’d)


One Response to “2008 UD Ballpark”

  1. I’d be interested in a group break. Let me know if you start one or find one.

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