Lincecum gets one more extra start

From Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle:

Some will be happy with this news. Some will think it a complete folly.

Manager Bruce Bochy said moments ago that the rotation will be adjusted so Tim Lincecum will get two more starts after tonight, instead of one. He will open the final homestand against Colorado on Tuesday night and close the season against the Dodgers.

The decision was made after Bochy, pitching coach Dave Righetti and general manager Brian Sabean conferred.

“We added it up,” Bochy said. “We think three starts is the way to go. He’ll pitch the last home game.”

Bochy did not exactly say why it was important to get Lincecum the extra start, although he said it had nothing to do with a desire to get him 20 wins or bolster his Cy Young hopes. A loss or no-decision tonight, which would preclude 20 wins, will not change the plan.

The final game against L.A. could have playoff implications, although odds are the Dodgers will have clinched the division by then. Having Lincecum pitch and win the finale could send the ticket-holders into the winter feeling good about things. Bochy did not deny that was one factor.

The big caveat, of course, is that Lincecum will end the year — his first full year in the majors — with the most pitches thrown in the National League, which is scary. He is, after all, The Franchise. “Obviously if we had concerns we wouldn’t (do this),” Bochy said. “Obviously, we don’t have any concerns right now.”

Excellent. He can handle the additional work. Ideally, this is what will happen in the next two weeks. Dodgers lose their next few games and the Diamondbacks win their next few games and they remain tied until the last game of the season. Lincecum wins his next two starts, including tonight’s and is 19-3 leading the league in ERA and K’s. He pitches a perfect game against the Dodgers on the last game 1-0 to knock them out of the playoffs, while establishing a new Giant’s season strikeout record and also going on to record his 20th win. In addition, he goes on to win the first of his many NL Cy Young awards. Doesn’t sound too farfetched does it?


4 Responses to “Lincecum gets one more extra start”

  1. I think he’ll get the Cy Young Award whether he wins 20 games or not. I don’t know about this; I think it’s risky to have him pitch all of these innings. You never want to overwork young pitchers when you don’t have to. And the Giants clearly don’t have to give him extra work since they’ve been out of the pennant race since about April.

    I remember that when the Rays drafted Longoria in 2006, Lincecum was the other guy that they were considering. I read that they were scared a little that Lincecum would be an injury risk, and so they went with Longoria. Both of them turned out to be great picks. But if Lincecum was an injury risk coming out of college, that’s all the more reason for the Giants to be careful with him now…

  2. Nice collection. I am a closet Lincecum fan. Keep bringing them cards in!

  3. Lincecum pitched just 146 innings last year. He’s on pace for almost 230 this year. Bruce Bochy is an idiot. Lincecum is the one player Giants fans hold hope in, and they’re risking blowing out his arm all for some pointless stat.

    Lincecum is the CY, hands down. It doesn’t matter if he wins 20 or not. He should be shut down for the season, along with Clayton Kershaw. Just ask Mark Prior what it’s like to be needlessly overworked.

  4. I hope he does win the CY, but baseball writers and voters seem to be obsessed with the 20 win mark. The most he can get now is 19 so I don’t know if his other stats are enough to overtake Webb. I hope so. Or are you just wanting to shut him down so you don’t have to face him in the season finale and risk losing and getting snubbed for the playoffs >:]

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