Trade Rumors: Cain for Fielder, Hardy, and another player?

I guess this was first reported by ESPN’s Peter Gammons and I read this from Bruce Jenkin’s article in the SF Chronicle yesterday:

Trade rumors generally don’t amount to much in baseball, merely serving up conversation before the actual trade – something that wasn’t predicted by anyone – goes down. Just wondering, though, if you heard the one from ESPN’s Peter Gammons the other night: Matt Cain to the Milwaukee Brewers for Prince Fielder, J.J. Hardy and perhaps a third player.

Now, I think Fielder and Hardy are great players. Both are capable for 30-40 home runs a year average and their average is probably around league average. I’ve also always liked Matt Cain and I still think he has the stuff to be an ace of a pitching staff; he is just stuck on a perenially bad offensive team. He gets no run support whatsoever. But if this trade came up right now, would I do it? YES. This trade fills two important gaps for the Giants: shortstop, where they have nobody right now, and first base, which is a turnstyle for players to pass through. We have an ever-aging great Vizquel at SS, but he can’t play forever. Burriss plays well, but he doesn’t hit for power. We need a big offensive power hitter and Prince Fielder gives us that. As for first, we’ve had so many players go through that position, it’s not even funny. We haven’t had a consistently good first basement since J.T. Snow (circa 1997).

But I have no idea why the Brewers would make this trade. They’re trading away two of their best players plus a third for one good pitcher? Aren’t position players always valued higher than pitchers? Maybe I’m undervaluing Cain, but does anyone else see the lopsidedness of this trade? Sabean, if you ever get this deal, pull the trigger!


2 Responses to “Trade Rumors: Cain for Fielder, Hardy, and another player?”

  1. That does seem lopsided, but generally pitchers are valued much higher than position players. I agree, if the Giants are offered this trade by Milwaukee, they should do it in a heartbeat. Cain is an above average starting pitcher, but the Giants do have Bumgarner and Alderson on the way up. I can definitely envision Prince hitting homers into McCovey Cove just like Bonds used to…

  2. Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? We definitely need a big power lefty bat. I thought position players are worth more since they play everyday and are less prone to injury than pitchers, whose careers can also fluctuate.

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