Resisting the temptation of retail

I was at Target today and I passed by the trading cards aisle. As much as I wanted to get a box of retail, I had to resist my urge because it would just be throwing senseless money into crappy cards (and quite possibly damaged). I saw a kid no older than 12 on the floor paroosing through packs of cards. The topic of packsearching is well-covered by now. I am against it, but if a kid does it, I guess it is not as bad as a grown man doing it. Collecting cards from a retail store like Target is probably not a good way to start for kids in the first place. But with the direction this hobby has been going, it’s hard to imagine kids not going here because of the lack of local stores for them to start.

Anyway, I saw this on eBay just now and it makes me sick:

I have no idea why you would rip a perfectly good Lincecum card to get to a Dodger card – and an average player at best. And then post the whole thing to sell on eBay, with the card still within the rip card. That is just blasphemous. Ugh.


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