Big Mail Day

So the first of many trade packages have begun trickling in today. I got a big package from Dave over at Fielder’s Choice and also a package from Russell who runs House of Cardboard. They basically doubled my Lincecum collection. I now have at least a respectable amount of his cards in the PC and they all fit nicely into a Ultra Pro toploader top box. Russell traded me some 2008 Allen & Ginter SPs and also these two beauties – a 2007 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Gold insert and a 2007 Allen & Ginter mini SP.

I love filling in the blank pages of my 2008 Allen & Ginter set. I am now a few steps closer to completing the set. Now the next package, from Dave, just flat out blew me away. The cards were a very nice collection Lincecums and if I didn’t know any better, he was trying to start his own set! Take a look see:

Very nice. I am now up to 24 cards in the collection and counting. I just received a triple GU-jersey from an eBay purchase, which I will talk about in the next post. Thanks guys for the great trades! I hope we can trade again in the future! As of all other trade packages, I have shipped them all out today so you all should be receiving your ends of the trades very soon.

I am also running low on cards and team cards for trades so I might have to buy a new box to bust so I have some trade material. I have been selling my A&G hits on eBay to make some of the money back to get new stuff. Currently, my only item up for sale is the Masahide Kobayashi silk card. I hope to get around $30 for it. But thus far, I think if I sold everything from the A&G boxes I bought, I would be getting pretty close to a 1:1 return, which is pretty good in this business I think. Stay tuned for a big post tomorrow on bargain hunting!

Update: So I finally received the insurance receipt from the seller of that dinged Tim Lincecum silk card and I submitted the claim to the post office today. Apparently if the claim goes through, I get refunded the money, but they keep the card. I think that’s kind of dumb and I would rather get a partial refund and keep the card. I will fight them for that if that is what happens. In any case, I had to give it up because it needs to be sent to the claims office in St. Louis where they inspect everything before processing the claim as valid. Knowing USPS, this will probably take half a year – I should’ve just taken this claim up with PayPal.


2 Responses to “Big Mail Day”

  1. I’m glad you like the cards! Lincecum is a great player and I’m glad to see these cards in the hands of such a big fan.

    And I want to state for the record that Bailey was very generous to me as well. I got a bunch of Allen & Ginter SPs, plus A&G rookies of Jay Bruce and Clayton Kershaw to help me towards completing my A&G set.

    Thanks for a great trade and I look forward to trading with you again!

  2. Do you have the Lincecum Topps Chrome 400 series insert card yet? I’ve got it and would certainly trade it for a Dodger.

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