Giants to sign new first baseman

According to the Giants website, they are signing former player J.T. Snow out of retirement to a one day contract so that he can retire a Giant since he last played for the Red Sox in 2006. This is a very appropriate gesture as Snow was one of my favorite Giants and one of the faces of the franchise during late 90s and earlier part of this decade. He was everything that you could have asked for in a defensive first basement, winning 6 Gold Glove awards (which I think he did in both leagues, if I’m not mistaken). He provided many memories, two of which I remember right now: pulling away little Darren Baker to safety from home plate during the 2002 playoffs against the Cardinals and hitting that home run in the playoffs against the Mets. And I also remember to the ladies, he was quite the looker. I think I also remember him getting beaned in the eye by a Randy Johnson fastball in spring training one year.

Anyways, they said that since the Dodgers are not guaranteed a playoff spot just yet as their magic number is down to 1, they cannot offer him a chance to play in the game, but I think if the Dodgers are in the playoffs before the weekend, they should definitely give Snow a chance to play again. That would be a great sight to behold.


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