Topps cares! (somewhat)

Remember a week or two ago, I sent in some damaged cards to get replaced? Topps actually sent a package back today with replacements for all the cards that were damaged! I was pretty surprised because they weren’t anything special. One was a roller mark over Melky Cabrera from my base set and the other two were Ginter back mini’s and an ancient icon card. I guess I didn’t read the fine print or anything, but apparently you need to include proof or purchase in 3 forms. Oops. They gave me a courtesy replacement. The turnaround time was the most surprising part: 9 business days. Not too bad for a company that supposedly has pretty bad customer service. Maybe I have low expectations. I have since sold my collection of A&G 2008 mini’s to Dan over at Cheap Seat Saints so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these three random ones.

Speaking of Dan, I received his end of the trade today. I got three different Lincecum cards to add to the collection. I still think the Dick Perez portrats are kind of creepy. I am now up to 27 total cards! I think half of the trade mail has already come in now and most of not all of the Lincecum cards are done from trades so the collection should be stagnant for a while. If you have something I might like, send over an e-mail!


2 Responses to “Topps cares! (somewhat)”

  1. That’s good info to know. Thanks for displaying the letter. I haven’t been as unlucky as others with damaged cards, but it looks like it’s only a matter of time before get a bad batch.

  2. I’d like the Kemp relic, but not sure if I have anything comparable to send you (have no Giants relics). So that’s up to you. If you send relic, I’ll make sure to set aside anything you might want and send it to you.

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