Upper Deck strikes back!

So yesterday, I wrote about Topps being nice about replacing my cards and giving me a one time courtesy about not providing the proof. Well, it’s not like they were really high end cards or anything – if I did, would I still get the one time courtesy replacement? Who knows. Today, I received a package from Upper Deck for that damaged Smoltz/Lincecum dual patch from 2008 SP Legendary Cuts. They had a turnaround day of 10 days instead of 9 from Topps, but I must say, I am much more satisfied with this replacement because of their customer service. For future replacements, Topps wants all this proof to make sure I don’t scam them out of a few bucks for damaged cards, while Upper Deck’s letter is a lot more friendly and apologetic. They are more concerned with customer satsifaction than Topps. Of course, they do put limitations on their replacement service as it only goes on for 8 months from the release of the product, which is pretty fair in my opinion. Anyways, I am a happy camper now that I have this card back in the Lincecum collection. Two thumbs up for you Upper Deck Customer Service! Here is the letter below:


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