2008 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection

I have posted this comment on many other entries on this product. I don’t deny that I like the look of this product. As everyone has noted, the wood finish on the outside is nice. But if you are collecting merely for teams or a certain player, then there really is no need to throw $160 for a hobby box or $30-50 on a single pack depending on where you buy it from. Following the rules from my previous eBay tips entry, I set out to bargain hunt. I was looking for two cards, the Lincecum dual swatch with Matt Cain and the eight player swatch with Randy Johnson, Matt Cain, and some other players. I calculated the average price of the dual swatch to be around $9.84 and a low price of $7.25. Yesterday, I purchased one for $7.31 (this includes shipping mind you. I’m guessing that these prices will drop even more as more and more people buy this product and find these patch cards. Afterall, you do get 3 patch or 2 patch and 1 auto per pack or something like that. Today, I got the eight player swatch card that I bid on the other day. I got it for $8.40 (shipping included!. I didn’t do any calculates as so few have been sold thus far. I saw two go for $15 (not including shipping) and one go for a little over $10 (not including shipping), so when I got it for $8.40 total, I thought it was a great deal. Two swatch cards for under $16. Like I said, a mini pack costs $30-50. You decide which one is a better deal. Again, this is only for people going after specific players or teams. But even if you are going after the rarer button patches or autographs, they are still selling for around $50. For that much, you would’ve gotten a pack or two that isn’t even guaranteed to get the card that you are looking for. Ebay has really changed the way we do business in this hobby. One thing really confuses me. Why is Randy Johnson still in a Yankees uniform in this card?? Very strange – maybe because they had a bunch of his Yankees jerseys. Anyways, this is why these cards are so great:

Oh additionally, I would like to give a big thank you to Will over at The Budget Sports Card Collector. He sent out a huge package filled with Giants cards from all different decades. This is by far, the largest collection of Giants cards I have ever received. Thanks! With these trades and purchases, I am now up to 29 cards in the collection! I will be sure to start a pile of Angels cards to send back as soon as I start getting new products. Also thanks to Ross over at Boxbusters for his trade. I am really itching to get in on another group break, ugh.


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