2007 SP Authentic By The Letter

So currently, I am pretty obsessed at tracking these cards on eBay. But then I started getting confused. Now this may be a dumb question, but I didn’t find any answers to it online. I thought the idea of these cards was to collect them all to spell out the last name of the player. But there’s some letters that don’t work so what’s up with that? And also the number is either out of /50, /40, /25, etc. so does that mean there are only that many of THAT particular letter that is signed or just letters in general signed? What a confusing subset to collect. Maybe someone can enlighten me on these things. I also thought it would be pretty cool if these were all game used jersey letters, but I googled it and found on an old post on Wax Heaven that these letters are not game used and made specifically for these cards.

Where is there an “R” in Tim Lincecum?? At least “K” works because Strikeout is Timmy’s middle name.

EDIT: I think I’ve figured out the numbering after looking through several completed eBay auctions. I think the serial numbers mean that there is only so many of that letter signed only. That makes the most sense to me, unless someone else has proof of something else.


10 Responses to “2007 SP Authentic By The Letter”

  1. I couldn’t figure out what the letters are supposed to spell out either. Let me know what you found out. Also, I’m curious, how much are these cards selling for on eBay now? I actually pulled a Lincecum “By The Letter” auto from 2007 SP Authentic. It was selling on eBay for about $50 at the time, but I held onto it…

  2. Dave,
    I’m glad you asked this because for the past few days I have been looking at the numbers for this card because I have been wanting it forever. The average price is around $85, but that doesn’t take into consideration the serial numbers. Obviously if it’s out of less, it is worth more so /25 > /40 > /50. I think also the lettering determines price, but I haven’t figured out which one is worth more than others. This card has really confused in terms of how much would go for. $50 is a relatively low price, as the most cheap I’ve seen go for around at least $60. Over the weekend, I finally got a great deal. I think nobody really buys them on weekends as it is tough to be at a computer on a Friday or Saturday night so I actually got one for $47! What a steal right?? I am happy with an “I.” You are very lucky to get that pull. Hold onto that (or trade it to me in the future 🙂 because he is going to be a stud and win the Cy Young this year).

  3. Mine is an A #/50. I agree about the Cy Young. Also, Lincecum’s 13 K’s helped me win both my fantasy leagues today!

  4. The letters spell out other things such as R-O-O-K-I-E . Hope that helps.

  5. If the letters spell out “Rookie” then what’s the A and S for?

  6. I think the A and the S are for G-I-A-N-T-S, but I’m only guessing.

  7. Lincecum has three. Rookie, Giants and Lincecum.

  8. Ahh, that makes a lot more sense, thanks for clearing that up guys

  9. Most of the SPA BTLs have at least two, last name and team name. Some go more like city/state, team name, player first/last name, rookie, nick name, etc. F’ing crazy.

  10. Dude, you gotta collect all the letters so that you can spell out the words!

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