The Offseason

Hmm, it is a strange feeling to have when the regular season is over and your team isn’t in the playoffs. I’m not particularly interested in the playoffs this year other than checking the box scores to see how much the Cubs beat the Dodgers by. A lot has changed from a few years ago when perennial powerhouse teams made the playoffs year in, year out like the Cardinals, Braves, Giants, Yankees, A’s, etc. It’s very strange to see teams like the Rays and Brewers in it this year. Although it’s great to see teams like the Rays build a team that can make the playoffs on their limited payroll, it doesn’t make for good playoff television nationwide anyway. If the Rays and Brewers make the World Series, I think it will be the least watched games since 2002 when both teams were from California. Anyway, I digress. It’s going to be a boring few months until April rolls around again. I guess we have the Winter Meetings to look forward to, but other than that, a dreary outlook indeed.

On another note, I just rediscovered how financially draining, expensive, and addicting this hobby can be. I am about to cut off major spending in the coming days after “accidental” purchases on eBay this weekend. Accidental meaning that the price was too good to pass up, so I put in a max bad, thinking that it would probably be outbid, but I guess because of the weekend, there weren’t many watchers so I actually won those auctions with pretty low bids, but still significantly high. I think if you can purchase the card you want from a high end product and the card is actually cheaper or at the same price of one pack of that product, then you shoudl probably go ahead and buy that card. It makes financial sense, if you are after that card, but it is still draining. Limits are important to set, otherwise you will end up blowing all your money and have nothing left in life other than cards (that’s a bad thing right?) I have other things to talk about or watch other people break boxes on YouTube to get my fill I guess. Sad times.


4 Responses to “The Offseason”

  1. For me, it is a strange feeling to have when the regular season is over and your team IS in the playoffs!

    I definitely disagree that a Rays vs. Brewers World Series would get low ratings. I think that the majority of fans are tired of seeing the same big-market teams in the World Series every year. The Rays are the most exciting team and the best story in baseball this year. The Brewers are another young, exciting team that hasn’t been to the World Series since 1982. It would be a great story for baseball if they both reached the World Series. The only Series that I think it would be comparable to would be the 1991 Series when the Braves and Twins both went from worst to first. And that, my friend, was the BEST World Series that I’ve seen during my lifetime!

  2. As much as I hate to admit, I think the best Series this year could be the Dodgers and the Red Sox. How sweet would it be for Manny to face his old team on the ultimate stage.

  3. This is the first night it’s really hit me that there are no Braves games to listen to on the radio.

    I miss Pete Van Weiren and Mark Lemke 😦

  4. I’ll be glued to this postseason. A) the Dodgers are in the playoffs. I could stop there. B) the Red Sox, two of my family members’ favorite team, is in the playoffs. C) the phillies, who I’ve always liked, and the brewers, who I’ve always enjoyed, are in the playoffs. And I’m kind of liking this White Sox team, too! This postseason is too good to miss!

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