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Mailday Shoutouts and Random Thoughts

Posted in Collecting, Tim Lincecum with tags on October 31, 2008 by aybayz

Some people might think these type of posts are lame, but I like to thank people for the effort that they have to put into mailing things off to other collectors. First, a big thank you goes out to the girls of Dinged Corners for sending over a huge package of Giants cards. My favorite has to be the 2008 Topps Opening Day of Lincecum. Girls, I will really try to get Mr. Zito to sign something for you next season and if he doesn’t, I will send you something that he signed for me that’s very special to me (I’ve met him like 3 or 4 times so I have plenty of Zito autographs). Maybe you girls will get lucky and he might be in the San Diego area in the off-season. He did grow up here afterall. We were just talking about how Zito is a player who collects his own baseball cards. I mentioned in another post when he was signing before a game how he commented on the his Allen & Ginter state card. I should give him one of those next time to keep. I wonder which other players collect their own cards. Also according to Wikipedia, Mr. Zito buys his own autographed cards off eBay because they are authenticated. He’s a funny guy. If I was player, I would collect my own cards too.

The other mailday package I received today was from Dan over at Saints of the Cheap Seats. He sent over two Upper Deck X Die-Cuts of Timmy. One is the regular parallel and the other is the gold parallel. Initially, I hated the look of the X product, but the die-cuts are actually kind of cool. There are some things I would improve upon. First, make it so that the die-cuts look different from the base cards (yes, I know that defeats the whole purpose of a “parallel”), but it would look so much better if it was shiny or something. Second, make the die-cuts thicker. The thickness is pretty flimsy; in fact, you can probably make your own die-cut with an exacto knife and a base card. The thing I do like about the card is that their body is contorted to fit in the shape of the X on the card. But honestly, I would never buy a product of this stuff by itself.

Thanks again for the packages – I hope to get some boxes around Christmas time so I can bust some and send some team/player cards out to you guys. I realize this might be a while away, but funds have been low. Also when I go home for Christmas, I have a TON of old cards, random cards, from the 80s and early 90s that I stored. I will unearth them and organize them to send out to people as well. I am now up to 53 Lincecum cards in the collection. I really want to take a gander into Mario’s collection to see what he has.

Lastly, the 2008 NL Cy Young Contest is coming to a close. The last day to enter is this Saturday, November 1 so remember to throw in your entry. The prize is either – an autographed rookie card, a printing plate, or something else. Don’t get your hopes up on superstar cards, but they’re decent. I’ll just pick one randomly. The actual announcement of the winner will be on November 11, so mark your calendars – I know I will (I’m excited!).

Also after watching that Donruss Threads group break on SCU, it made me not want to get a box of that. The rookies really suck and you’re basically looking for one of those big hits. The Willie Mays card was a very nice hit, but everything else was crap. But after watching it, I also want to do a group break now. SCU is slightly more football oriented, especially with football season in full swing. But regardless, I really want to get in on one.


Chris Young Signing

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So over the weekend, I went to the Chris Young autograph signing. It wasn’t as publicized as the Jake Peavy signing a month ago – I didn’t see it on Bad Wax blog, but a smaller Padres signings forum and I didn’t find out about it until late in the week. The location was a lot closer than last time, but it was in front of a really obscure furniture store. Anyway, I only got there about half an hour before the signing and the line was super short. Chris arrived promptly at 11:00 AM and the signing went quick and smooth. He’s a really nice guy, but I wish we could have taken pictures with him. I think if Peavy gets traded, he’s going to the be the ace of the rotation. A fan commented about Jake and how he hopes they keep the rotation intact and Chris said “Yea, we’ll see.” We’ll see indeed. Anyway, here are some pictures from the signing. There probably won’t be many more of these since the season is over. BTW, Rod if you are reading this, expect something in the mail from this signing this week.

The top picture is not me by the way; I just thought it was cool how he had a novelty baseball that big. Anyway, since I got my Young cards signed now, I am missing a regular base card from my 2008 Allen & Ginter set so I’m adding that to my want list. If anyone has #46 to fill it, let me know along with the other SPs I need.


Also a BIG thank you to Tricia from The Hamiltonian for sending over 3 SPs that I needed for the 2008 Allen & Ginter set I’m putting together: 324, 335, 336, so now I am closer than ever to finishing the set! I still need: #46, 302, 314, US7 – only 4 cards to finish it! (Well and also the Fukudome card, but I can always get that off eBay as I imagine it will be quite difficult to trade for that). Please let me know if you have any of these 4 cards, thanks.

Only one other guy in Hamels’ and Price’s class

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Found this article in the SF Chronicle today by Bruce Jenkins – Gotta love the Lincecum love.

Tim Lincecum was the Giants’ best pitcher from the moment he signed a contract. They didn’t mean to rush him to the big leagues, but they couldn’t help themselves. Sometimes, there’s just no need to wait.

Which is a roundabout way of explaining our dream matchup in the Phillies-Rays World Series: Cole Hamels versus David Price.

Price is the Rays’ Lincecum. If you projected their rotation into next season, you might not even find a place for him (Edwin Jackson, who tied for the staff lead with 14 wins, hasn’t made a start in October). Manager Joe Maddon knows the truth, though. That’s why he asked Price to close out the Boston Red Sox in a harrowing, Game 7 situation. Price came back to finish off Game 2 against the Phillies on Thursday night, casually retiring Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to end it.

What separates the Rays from the Giants is depth. Maddon could come back with the same starting pitchers next season, continuing to use Price as some sort of secret weapon, without a complaint from anyone. We’ve all seen the truth, though. Price is 6-foot-7 with a howling fastball and a world-class slider. Left-handed hitters consider it a triumph if they merely make solid contact.

In May ’07, Price was pitching for Vanderbilt in the NCAA regionals. Less than six weeks ago, he was in the minor leagues. But he’s Lincecum, known throughout the clubhouse for having the team’s best stuff. Short reliever? That’s quite a luxury.

We won’t see Price against Hamels, and at this stage of his young career, that might be a break for Price. Hamels’ postseason record speaks for itself (4-0, 1.55), but it’s the visual image that really counts for this 24-year-old lefty. A Philadelphia Daily News headline wondered, “Is there anyone as cool as Cole Hamels?”, and it’s a damned good question.

Just for fun, we went through The Great Book of Stuff to check every pitcher who started a World Series game over the last 50 years. This is a highly subjective argument, but for pure style, we’re saying Hamels belongs in the same company with Warren Spahn, Juan Marichal, Luis Tiant, Jim Palmer, Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez and Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd. The second tier might include the likes of Tom Glavine, Fernando Valenzuela, Don Sutton, Bill Lee (highly personal choice) and Don Drysdale (mean as hell, but the most stylish sidearmer in memory).

So who’s the only active pitcher who combines Price’s talent and Hamels’ style? Right back to Lincecum.

Indians Baseball Cards. Always. Trick or Treat Package

Posted in Collecting with tags , on October 22, 2008 by aybayz

David over at Indians Baseball Cards recently started a “Trick or Treat,” package for a bunch of bloggers where he sends you a package that may either contain tricks or treats. I’m not exactly sure what the tricks are because my package just came today and it was LOADED with treats! The package was full of Giants cards from 1977 (I think that was the oldest one), all the way up to the present. Some of the cards bring back good memories such as William Van Landingham and Glenallen Hill. There were also a few Tim Lincecum cards in there that I already have. Overall, it was a really nice collection to jumpstart my Giants team collection. I’m thinking of putting all the cards in penny sleeves and then organizing them by year, set, player – what do you guys think? Or I was thinking about pulling certain players like Bonds and organizing it by player, year, set, etc. The idea of putting cards in binders is a big hassle if I get more cards the, I have to shift other cards around. I think boxes are the easier way to go.

Anyways, here are a few pictures to go along with the package. The Bonds card is my favorite of the package along with the cool Kevin Mitchell Collect-A-Book. I’ve never seen one of those before. Thank you again TribeCards!! When I amass enough Indians cards, you will get a package from me.

Thank You Padrographs!

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This brand new card blog deserves a spotlight and credit goes out to Rod from Padrographs, which is long overdue. Rod first contacted me a while back looking for a trading partner for some autographed Padres cards. He is a collector of only autographed Padres cards, which is a very interesting collecting theme. Unfortunately, baesball season just ended and I went to my last Padres game so I probably won’t be able to get my hands on anything autographed until next season; however, Rod went out of his way to send me cards anyway, with no expectations of anything in return. He helped me out with a few 2008 Allen & Ginter base cards a while back to round out my collection and just today, I received an unexpected package in the mail from him. I received two more unique Lincecum cards that I don’t have to add to my collection. One is a base from Baseball Heroes and the other is a rookie card from Upper Deck MLB Rookie of the Month. He also sent a Fred Lewis MLB Rookie of the Month card as well. Before I go forward, I must again express my hatred of Baesball Heroes. Seriously?! 10 different parallel colors? And they don’t just stop there, there are different shades of colors as well. And to add to the confusion, some colors are numbered, while others aren’t. Seriously Upper Deck – stop with the bajillion color parallels (that goes for Masterpieces too); it’s annoying and for the most part, I don’t think the majority of collectors enjoy it.

Anywho, be sure to check out Rod’s card blog (link above and also to the right on my blogroll). Padrographs is a great site that documents his autographed Padres cards from Abner to Zimmer and each card has a story behind it. It’s very well written and organized. And if you’re reading this Rod, I will be sure to try to get some Padres autographs when the season starts up again.

I also picked up probably my last Lincecum card off eBay for a while – UD SP Legendary Cuts Destination Stardom Memorabilia. I’ve been eyeing this card for a while and finally got it for $6, which isn’t too bad considering it’s a Lincecum jersey card and also one that I don’t have. My Lincecum collection is now up to 48 different cards. I am almost at the half century mark. Greg over at Night Owl Cards also picked up two rookie cards for me from a recent card show that he went to. It’s greatly appreciated because not only does he help me raise my collection to 50 cards, but he adds to the 2007 card set. For some reason, most of my Lincecum cards are from 2008 and I’m still very lacking in his 2007 rookie cards. I also wanted to try to get some of his 2006 cards, which are limited to TriStar.

Lincecum Wins the Sporting News NL Pitcher of the Year

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I failed to mention this yesterday, but Timmy also won the Sporting News NL Pitcher of the Year award. Cliff Lee won the AL Pitcher of the Year award in the American League. The votes were cast by 314 major league players. You can find the whole article here. Is this an indicator of things to come? Let’s hope so.

Edit: Supposedly November 11 is the date that the NL Cy Young Award is announced so the countdown begins!

Tim Lincecum Wins National League’s Outstanding Pitcher Award

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The Players Associated announced today that Tim Lincecum is the 2008 winner of the NL’s Outstanding Pitcher award edging C.C. Sabathia and Brandon Webb. This award, unlike the Cy Young, is voted upon by baseball players, rather than writers. The players seem to agree with the umpires (article I posted a while ago) that up close in game conditions, Lincecum was the best pitcher out there this year. You can see a video of the interview with Yahoo’s Larry Biel here. This was first reported in Henry Schulman’s (of the SF Chronicle) blog “The Splash,” and apparently he has this to say:

This is a big honor for which Lincecum should be proud. However, it should not necessarily be viewed as a precursor to the Cy Young Award. As we all know, players and writers do not always think alike. For what it’s worth, two Cy Young voters came up to me at the NLCS and said they voted for Tim.

I am very excited! I know it’s not a precursor, but one step at a time. Speaking of which, I have not seen many votes for Timmy for my NL Cy Young contest, but that’s okay. He’s been underestimated all his life and I’m confident he’ll surpass people’s expectations again and again!