Effect of the Economy on the Hobby

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy…very busy with watching the playoffs and football over the weekend. Anyway, is it just me or has anyone else noticed a slump in card sales on the world’s greatest marketplace? Of course, this is based purely on my search of Lincecum cards and just randomly looking at Allen & Ginter and also some new stuff like Ballpark, etc. Usually, there would be a ton of new listings every night around 10-11ish, but lately there hasn’t been as many. There have also been lower sell prices across the board on cards that usually go for $10-20 more. I know this because I average out prices for cards regularly to determine their sell value. Of course this is no scientific study or anything, but just what I noticed in the past week or two. Perhaps the slumping economy has extended to the card industry (or hobby rather) and the crash in the stock markets have affected people’s pockets and their ability to spend on cards.

There a few things that will be never affected by the economy. Things like gold will usually always hold their value. What about baseball cards or cards in general? I think that older, vintage cards will always hold some value. If a Honus Wagner sells for a million a month ago, it will still sell for a million right now. I’m pretty sure that if someone has enough money to buy a Honus Wagner, they will probably still be rich enough to buy one even with an economic downturn. But modern-era cards are probably greatly affected by the economy as are other things such as boxes of cards because they are collected by the average Joe and that average Joe has bills to pay. But if you do have some money lying around, it would be a great time to buy since everything would be cheaper. The problem is, how long will these cards keep their value? How will cards from this era retain their value over time as compared to vintage cards? The market is flooded with memorabilia/autos/rookie cards/etc. so who knows what will happen.


4 Responses to “Effect of the Economy on the Hobby”

  1. If the modern card is of a solid player, RARE, and in mint condition, it may hold its value years from now. The vintage rare card will always hold its value. If the card is one of many (as 99 percent of modern cards, truth be told, are), then the card will not hold its value. <—our 2 cents, or with inflation, our $8.74

    Random unprovable prediction: sticker auto cards will down the card road NOT hold their value.

  2. very interesting, i must agree with the whole sticker dealie

  3. I know I haven’t bought anything off of eBay for over a month. It’s a combination of no money, no time and not being happy with their new policies. Depending how hard the recession hits (and I’m worried it will hit very hard) you could end up seeing the market for both new wax and single cards on the aftermarket flop as no one has any disposable cash for cards. You’re right, it’s a great market to buy, but who can afford to buy right now?

  4. It just seems so obvious to me as a sticker auto is a sticker auto wether its a basic Topps or if its slapped on a Chrome refractor people are paying for the auto. It would be a hard sell to tell someone when looking at the sticker and its the same sticker just placed on different cardboard
    thats its worh more or less. So does this mean that a Press Pass Legends cert auto of John Elway will be worth more that a Topps cert sticker ??? who knows ….will these stickers start to peel in 15 years ?

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