Very Angry at the USPS

I have hated the post office in the past for many things, including lost packages, but this is a new low. Last week, I saw Dave over at Fielder’s Choice blog commented on an entry about the retail Baseball Heroes box that I got. In it, I got a bunch of cards that I had no need for including some Rays and a Don Mattingly Yankee’s Stadium Legacy card, which he didn’t have. I happily thought it would be a nice celebratory mail package for him and the Rays’ recent success in the playoffs. Because I’ve been trying to save money as of late, I just packaged it up in a toploader and sent it off in a regular mail package. Unfortantely, I got an e-mail from Dave tonight who received the package and said the envelope has been tampered with and the cards were gone, replaced only with ripped out magazine pages.

This is pretty unbelievable and obvious that someone did something at the post office. I delivered myself to the post office and saw them put it in the box. It was the last group of packages that were going to be shipped out that day so I knew he would get it early this week. This reminds me of that article of that guy who was addicted to cards and he stole cards from the mail. I mean this is nothing that extreme because those cards were worth no more than a dollar or two at most, but still. It irks me to know that people are doing this at the post office. What if that was a very valuable package I sent off? I usually don’t buy insurance since most packages are trades that don’t contain valuable cards. I usuaully use bubble mailers too, but this was an exception since I was low on cash and the cards weren’t too valuable.

It’s just a very upsetting situation to top off a horrible start to the week. Just what we need, dishonest people during a shitty economy.


8 Responses to “Very Angry at the USPS”

  1. It really does suck, but thanks for trying to send the cards! It is beyond disgusting that someone stole the cards.

    You said that the cards were replaced with the magazine pages; does that mean that you didn’t put the magazine pages around the cards when you sent them? If the magazine pages were put in there by the person who stole the cards, that would be even weirder…

  2. Geez, I hate stories like that. Especially when I have cards on their way to people (including you!) I hope they get their safely!

  3. Nothing surprises me about the post office anymore.

  4. Post office horror stories are always distressing, but they aren’t the norm. I know it doesn’t seem that way when you get your package wrapped in a postal service plastic bag with the “Your mail was damaged during transit” spiel on it, but most packages travel safely, which is a great boon for the hobby.

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck with this one though. It definitely stings when that happens.

  5. I guess the douche who stole the cards didnt understand that they were probably only worth something to a fan like dave. Either way, it sucks.

  6. If the magazine pages were out of Playboy it might of been an even trade.

  7. Bailey, was there any markings on the outside of the package that would have tipped someone off that there were cards inside?

  8. nope, just a regular white security envelope

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