A Bondsian Act?

Barry Bonds has now been out of baseball for a whole season so where has his unspoken ban from ever playing baseball in the major leagues driven him? Apparently, he is doing charity work for the Children’s Hospital palliative care program and giving speeches at charity events and signing autographs for kids in hospital care. Now the media has always painted Bonds as a jerk to everyone including his teammates, media, and fans. It’s always nice to have nice guys in baseball such as Barry Zito, but when he was still playing, I always enjoyed watching him play. In fact, Bonds is one of the main reasons why Giants baseball was so exciting to watch during the 90s. He may have been a jerk while he was playing, but I’ve always respected his game and skill. Yeah, yeah, yeah, talk about the steroids. We all know he did it, even the fans in San Francisco, but we still love him as a player. He still would’ve been a dangerous hitter without the steroids and I think he would be in the Hall regardless. But he made some bad choices and got mixed with the wrong crowd. In any case, he’s doing good work helping out some kids who could really use a lifter. Some people in the media might portray this as an act to make himself look better in court, while I think he might actually be softening up and giving back to the community the right way (or I’d like to think so anyway). Is this an act of kindness or just another act? You decide.

Pictures provided by the Associated Press (AP) – Original article found on Yahoo Sports.


One Response to “A Bondsian Act?”

  1. I don’t care if its the biggest act in the history of the world. Bonds going to that hospital obviously made those kids’s days. Good enough for me. I don’t like Barry Bonds (and this isn’t changing my opinion), but what he is doing here is a good thing. Motivations be damned.

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