Crap bags

Oops, did I say crap bags? I meant to say grab bags. Why anyone would want to buy these things are beyond my comprehension. I understand why a seller might want to put something like this together to sell. A seller would do this to get rid of all their crap shoot cards, bad hits, etc. that they don’t want anymore and to recover some of the losses that they may have incurred while buying a box or something. But why would anyone pay any amount of money for grab bags? They are filled with bad cards. Some people advertise these hits for $10-$20. You could probably find these same cards individually on eBay for a couple of bucks. Now this may not always be true, but I promise you, it is true for the majority of cases. I am trying to stop people from throwing their money away. If you want to find a better way of throwing away $20, go to Walmart or Target and buy a retail box. That’s even better than a grab bag.


One Response to “Crap bags”

  1. lonestarr Says:

    I’ve actually gotten some decent grab bags, my most expensive one was around $20 (including the shipping) for a huge random stack. It was amazing. The one guaranteed hit was a turd, but it was a turd of someone on my team. But there was an Urlacher #’d /10 and several legit (pre-1980) vintage cards, including a 1960 Topps Vic Power. They even asked if I had an specific teams or sports in mind and delivered some nice stuff. I’m not saying it was high dollar stuff necessarily, but I easily got way more than my money’s worth. It was a really good experience and I would have gotten another if I had the cash at the time. I’ve also gotten a couple smaller grab bags that I was pretty pleased with as well.

    That said, I wouldn’t hold your breathe on getting anything remotely worthwhile. It’s extremely buyer beware. I’ve either just been lucky, I’m easier-than-average to please, or I had really low expectations. Most likely a combination of all three.

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