Update on The Collection

Thanks to JV from Treasure Never Buried, I am now that much closer to finishing the 2008 Allen & Ginter base set. I am now only 14 cards away from finishing so if you have any of those, please leave a comment or e-mail me for trades. I still have a bunch of doubles from 2008 A&G as well as 2008 Baseball Heroes and 2007 Bowman Chrome. I am still waiting on two more trades from Lonestarr and Chris from Nachos Grande to go through the mail. Supposedly, I am going to receive them soon.

Anyway, the collection I am referring to in the title is not the A&G set, but rather the Lincecum Collection that I have building for the past two months. JV sent me one of the largest Lincecum packages through the trade. Not only that, but they were 7 cards that I didn’t have and also of those 7, 4 of them are rookie cards! This has bumped up my collection to 42 different cards! Keep those cards coming. I am very lacking in cards for 2006 (I guess only TriStar came out with cards that year), and also 2007 – the majority of cards come from 2008. If you have any cards that isn’t on my collection list, please comment or e-mail so we can work out a trade.

I have mentioned a couple times that I have recently thought about selling off the collection because I’ve had a fall on hard times, but it’s things like these that keep the collection alive and well. I also feel like I would rather sell off the cards that I bought off eBay, but it’s harder to sell off the cards that I got from trades. (Be it as it may that the cards through trade are base cards so they are intrinsically hard to sell, but still!) I also updated my Flickr pictures so now it is up to date with all 42 cards (43 if you count that one that is undergoing inspection from USPS for insurance liability).


5 Responses to “Update on The Collection”

  1. Man, I’m just glad I could help you out with it, Bailey! I’ll be sure to sit all my Lincecum’s aside for you in the future.

    The only thing that compares to building a player set is helping someone else with theirs. I’m glad you liked the package, Man!

  2. Your cards are in the mail! Once you get ’em maybe we could work out another deal. I’m currently sorting through my need list for A&G, Goudey, Baseball Heroes, and Heritage… I’ll look to see if I can find any Lincecum’s that you might not have yet as well!

  3. Hey Bailey, did you get the A&G cards that I sent?

  4. Hey Rod,
    yes I did get them sorry about that. It’s been hectic lately and I haven’t had a chance to acknowledge a lot of packages until tonight. Thanks! I am now a few steps closer to finish the A&G 2008 set. I never thought I would be this close to finishing a 400 card set (350 base + 50 US states). I am 8 cards away! I enjoy reading your A-Z padres blog too!

  5. Man I hope they got sent out… it’s been ready to go except for postage since late last month. I guess I won’t be passing off that responsibility to whoever in the family happens to be out or heading to the post office anymore. Sorry about the inconvenience, hopefully all the extra stuff I sent makes up for it. >.>

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