2007 Tim Lincecum Rookie Card Checklist

So one of the first websites that I came upon while perusing the web on info about the hobby when I was getting back into it this summer was the About.com Sportscards site. This website is basically run by Nick Tywalk who has been an avid sportscard collector for more than a quarter of a century, which is hard to believe since he looks pretty young to me in his picture. Anyway, a while ago, he came out with a ton of lists for rookie baseball cards. Basically he had a checklist for a bunch of players for their rookie cards as well as a description of their career. I thought this was neat, but he excluded Lincecum from the fold so I’ve been bugging him to come up with a checklist for him too. He just posted one this morning and I’m going to share that with you guys below:

In 2007, with the Barry Bonds era winding down, San Francisco Giants fans and collectors had to be wondering who would step in and fill his hobby void. They didn’t have to wait long, as that same season saw the arrival of ace pitcher Tim Lincecum.

Not that Lincecum was an unknown quantity by any means. He was first drafted by the Chicago Cubs late in the 2003 MLB Draft, but he decided to take his big arm to the University of Washington instead. Lincecum found college ball to his liking, becoming the first player ever to win the Pac-10 Freshman of the Year and Pac-10 Pitcher of the Year awards in the same season. After shunning the pros again in 2005, he added the Golden Spikes Award in his junior season.

The Giants responded by taking Lincecum 10th overall in 2006, and he quickly blazed a path through the minor leagues. He made his Major League debut in May of 2007, and though he started slowly, he rode a hot streak through the middle of the summer to a 7-5 record, striking out 150 batters in 146 1/3 innings.

That turned out to be just a taste of what Lincecum had in store for batters in 2008. Mowing down hitters with a team-record 265 strikeouts, he led the league in K’s, went 18-5 and was named to his first NL All-Star team – though illness left him unable to play.

With velocity approaching 100 mph, an expanding arsenal of pitches and durability that you wouldn’t expect from his small frame, Lincecum looks like he’ll be leading Giants hurlers for years to come. And collectors love strikeout artists, which should mean good things for his 20-plus 2007 rookie cards. Nine of them are autographed, giving hobbyists looking to grab some of his rookie ink options at multiple price points.

2007 Tim Lincecum Rookie Cards

  • Bowman Chrome # 217
  • Bowman Chrome Draft # BDP11
  • Bowman Draft # BDP11
  • Bowman Heritage # 202
  • Bowman Sterling # TL – autographed
  • Bowman’s Best # 93 – autographed
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures # 163 – autographed jersey card #’d to 199
  • Fleer # 428
  • SP Authentic # 147 – autographed, #’d to 50
  • SPx # 106 – autographed
  • Sweet Spot # 138 – autographed
  • Topps Update # 158
  • Topps 52 # 130
  • Topps Allen & Ginter # 274
  • Topps Turkey Red # 88
  • UD Black # 69 – autographed, #’d to 99
  • UD Masterpieces # 82
  • Ultimate Collection # 124 – autographed, #’d to 299
  • Upper Deck # 918
  • Upper Deck Elements # 243 – #’d to 550
  • Upper Deck Future Stars # 181 – autographed, SP
  • Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition # 124

I think I have 10 of them, but his list looks a bit different from what I had in mind. The Bowman Chrome should be autographed as I have two of them. Anyway, just a neat little list to have. I would like to get the rest of the rookie cards, but it is still difficult to get the autographed ones. I will try to focus now on only trading for the base ones that I don’t have like Topps ’52 and the Fleer, since the I doubt anyone has the autographed ones that they would trade. You can check out the rest of his baseball rookie card checklists HERE.


2 Responses to “2007 Tim Lincecum Rookie Card Checklist”

  1. youre missing his original rookie card from that list, the “Just Minors Justifiable Preview” rookie.

    also, you know Robb “Nen” ends with just one N, not 2, right?

  2. Yea, I noticed some other cards missing. This list was compiled by Nick Tylwalk on his About.com Sports Cards blog. And yes, I know Robb Nen has one N, but I always got it confused as a kid, and I still kind of do haha.

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