A Fanpost from the McCovey Chronicles

If you haven’t read the McCovey Chronicles, go take a look. It’s probably the best San Francisco Giants blog out there, filled with witty remarks and constant Dodgers putdowns. I usually read it daily, but the offseason has been pretty slow until I came upon this fanpost. Now I’ve heard input from sports writers to bloggers to average fans about Lincecum’s Cy Young chances, but never before have I heard it from an ump. This is from travisam; take a look:

Hey everyone, just thought I would pass this along.

I live in Des Moines Iowa, and we have 3 umpires from here in town that are all top notch MLB umpires.  All 3 of them have worked, or are still working the playoff’s this year.  2 of them, Tim Mclelland of the George Brett pine tar HR fame, and Eric Cooper have a radio show here in town on Thurs. nights called “Ump’s Eye View”.  They talk about all sorts of stuff in the game, and take calls.

Anyway, I called in last night and told them I was a big Giants fan and wanted to know who their pick for NL Cy Young award was.  Cooper started to say something, and Mac jumped in and said “It’s not even close.”  He said “Tim Lincecum, and it’s not even close.”  He said he talked to 3 of his other umpire friends that worked Timmy this season and that he was the  best pitcher they saw all year.  Anyway, I thought that was cool as umpires get a closeup of every single pitch that every pitcher throws.  Let’s hope the voters see the same thing!!

Very interesting indeed. A little over one month and counting until the NL Cy Young award is announced! Don’t forget to put in your vote for the winner in the contest page over on the top right hand side. Pick the pitcher, # of votes, and place breakdown in the comments. (AP photo by Eric Risberg)

Dont worry Boch, its money in the bank, hes got this!
Don’t worry Boch, it’s money in the bank, he’s got this!

3 Responses to “A Fanpost from the McCovey Chronicles”

  1. Constant Dodger putdowns? Oh sign me up 😉 … I guess Giants fans have to find some way to spend their time when their team isn’t in the playoffs (again!) … On your main point, sounds like people in the know think it should be Lincecum. But I’m still doubting the writers will agree.

  2. Haha whatever, let me remind you of your 0-2 hole. Go Phillies! They both ex-Giants and I would much rather root for Pedro Feliz and Scott Eyre than Mark Sweeney and Jeff Kent. As for the writers, you are probably right. But that’s probably because they were brainwashed by the Dodgers. Evil!

  3. I wonder why umpires don’t get to vote for awards like this … you’re right that they have a better view of the game than anyone!

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