Quick Trade Updates

I got two packages in the mail today – one from Lonestarr over at BTHE and the other from Chris at Nachos Grande. The one with Chris was just from last week and boy does he ship fast. On the other hand, Lonestarr was one of the first trades I ever made. In fact, I think he was the first comment I got about a trade like a month ago. I finally received his package, so better late than never right? He put threw in a ton of extra stuff in the package and unlike the Cubs, he didn’t choke! (Sorry, I had to throw that one in there).

Amongst a ton of Giants cards, I also got a GU Eric Surkamp when he was on USA Baseball, which is pretty cool. I loved the old school cards from the 90s and older because they really brought back memories: Mark Leiter, Bonds with varying degrees of facial hair, and also one of the best players to ever put on a Giants’ uniform, the late Rod Beck. I will never forget the way he swayed his arm before he made a pitch. I also got a good amount of Giants’ cards from Chris as well, mainly from the 2008 Goudey set. Oh, in addition, I Lonestarr also contributed to the Lincecum collection with two new cards that I didn’t have. Well, I have the cards, but they’re different parallel versions so they will fit right in: a 2008 Baseball Heroes base card, and a 2008 Upper Deck Series Two card (The series one and series two are basically the same card but numbered differently and the series two has shiny silver stamped logos). I am now up to 44 unique cards! I am a little less than halfway from Mario’s 90-something collection of Andrew Miller. I still can’t believe he’s trading away that Andrew Miller/Tim Lincecum dual Chirography autographed card. That is one of the nicest dual signature cards I’ve seen. It’s also one of the more affordable Lincecum auto cards as it only goes for $25-30 bucks on eBay as opposed to over $50 for some others. For my collection, I collect any and every card that has Lincecum on it, regardless if he shares a card with someone else. In fact, it makes it all that much cooler if it is a dual or triple player card. But I guess he would much rather have just Miller on a card. That’s cool too I guess.

Well, after the additions from these two trades, I have 2 more to ship out tomorrow and that will net me a few more 2008 Allen & Ginter cards. I am now only 7 cards short of finishing the entire set. I have never finished a set before so this is the closest I’ve ever been. Please if you have any of those 7 cards left uncrossed out on the want list, leave a comment or e-mail! Thanks!


7 Responses to “Quick Trade Updates”

  1. When did you start the Lincecum collection?

  2. Also, have you seen the other Miller/Lincecum dual auto from Premier?

  3. I started this collection back in May or something with the first cards being the Bowman Chrome autos. And, I have not see the Miller/Lincecum dual auto from Premier. How does it look?

  4. Glad you liked ’em. I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest guy going today. Mario, Steve, Shane, the ladies of Dinged Corners, and my friend and brother in Cubby blue Derek can all attest to that as well. Only the one I sent to Boxbusters was done so in a timely manner, and that was just because it was sent out at the same time as yours and the trade came about a good three weeks or so later. I do my best to overcompensate though and hope the slowness will be overlooked. Is that a bad thing I wonder?… >.>

  5. Glad you liked the cards, I try to ship quickly! I bought some more A&G over the weekend, I’ll see if I have any of the ones you need. I’m only missing a few myself – I should have my needs list up shortly on my blog.

  6. I got those A & G cards in the mail on Saturday afternoon so you should have ’em in couple days, hopefully. I wonder how long it takes mail to get from NC to Cali? hmmm….

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