Update on the USPS Insurance Claim

So if you remember a while back, I filed an insurance claim with USPS because that Allen & Ginter silk card of Lincecum was damaged when I received it. The corner was obviously bent and I was not a happy camper to say the least. That was probably the most expensive card I’ve bought and I got it for two reasons – a) it’s the first silk card I’ve seen of Lincecum and b) it also filled my Giants silk card collection for A&G. In retrospect, it was totally not worth the $131 that I paid for it because when all is said and done, it is just another silk card with: a) no autograph and b) no memorabilia. I ended up getting another Lincecum silk card from the Topps Silk Collection a while ago that is numbered out of 50 and I think it looks just as nice as the Allen & Ginter card. Anyway, I digress.

When I got that damaged card, I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt and filed an insurance claim with USPS for damage upon shipment. The seller had the foresight to buy insurance for the item, which was good, otherwise, I would have had to go through PayPal claims (which might not have been a bad thing since they are much faster in response time). Anyway, I sent the claim off on September 24 and I guess they processed it last week on the 9th and I received it back today, October 14, 20 days after first submitting the claim. There was no explaination or anything – just a check for $128.50. I’m still pretty annoyed that I didn’t get the full amount for shipping as well since I didn’t get what I was promised, and I contacted the seller about covering the rest, but who knows where that might lead – it’s only a couple bucks.

Anyway, at least we know USPS insurance claim isn’t that shady. I was afraid they just took my card and ran with it. It’s so shady how they go through the insurance process because when I turned it in, they gave me nothing back except a notarized stamp. There was no claim number or anything so when I called their help line, they had no info of when I woudl get anything back or anything. But at least I got my money back. Too bad now there are only 9 of those silk cards in existence now. I wonder what USPS does with all those damaged insured items. Do they just keep them or do they destroy them? I know at Walmart, if you return something that is damaged or used, it is their policy to have those items destroyed. Same goes for stores such as Brookstone. That would be a shame. I would still pay like $10 for a silk card with a dinged corner, wouldn’t you?


One Response to “Update on the USPS Insurance Claim”

  1. Good to know that USPS comes through. I’d kind of assumed their insurance would be iffy.

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