So close!

I am now closer than ever to completing the set for 2008 Allen & Ginter (300 base + 50 SP + 50 state cards). I am within 7 cards of completing my first ever set after receiving the last of my trades so now all trades are completely up to date. I am currently only missing:

302, 314, 324, 335, 336, US7, Fukudome No #

If you have any of these, please comment or e-mail me and I’m sure we can work something out. I’m sure I will get great satisfacting in completing this set. I think half the fun is actually obtaining these cards through trades and the other half is organizing them. After I finish this set, I’m not sure what my goals are. I want to round out my Lincecum PC a bit more as I’m missing quite a few common cards. I know some, if not most, of his GU and autograph cards are way out of my price range, but other cards such as his Topps Finest redemption, his Fleer rookie, 2007 Allen & Ginter rookie, etc. are all obtainable. I’m also missing his cards from some of the newer products such as ’08 Masterpieces and UD X. I won’t be buying cards anytime soon either, which sucks, but at least I have the pleasure of watching and reading other people bust packs and boxes on their blogs.


One Response to “So close!”

  1. Eric Slette Says:

    I just emailed your Gmail account, and I didn’t see this post yet. In addition to the Giants cards I mentioned, I may have some of these as well… I’ll do some digging for ya.

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