Tim Lincecum Wins National League’s Outstanding Pitcher Award

The Players Associated announced today that Tim Lincecum is the 2008 winner of the NL’s Outstanding Pitcher award edging C.C. Sabathia and Brandon Webb. This award, unlike the Cy Young, is voted upon by baseball players, rather than writers. The players seem to agree with the umpires (article I posted a while ago) that up close in game conditions, Lincecum was the best pitcher out there this year. You can see a video of the interview with Yahoo’s Larry Biel here. This was first reported in Henry Schulman’s (of the SF Chronicle) blog “The Splash,” and apparently he has this to say:

This is a big honor for which Lincecum should be proud. However, it should not necessarily be viewed as a precursor to the Cy Young Award. As we all know, players and writers do not always think alike. For what it’s worth, two Cy Young voters came up to me at the NLCS and said they voted for Tim.

I am very excited! I know it’s not a precursor, but one step at a time. Speaking of which, I have not seen many votes for Timmy for my NL Cy Young contest, but that’s okay. He’s been underestimated all his life and I’m confident he’ll surpass people’s expectations again and again!


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