Chris Young Signing

So over the weekend, I went to the Chris Young autograph signing. It wasn’t as publicized as the Jake Peavy signing a month ago – I didn’t see it on Bad Wax blog, but a smaller Padres signings forum and I didn’t find out about it until late in the week. The location was a lot closer than last time, but it was in front of a really obscure furniture store. Anyway, I only got there about half an hour before the signing and the line was super short. Chris arrived promptly at 11:00 AM and the signing went quick and smooth. He’s a really nice guy, but I wish we could have taken pictures with him. I think if Peavy gets traded, he’s going to the be the ace of the rotation. A fan commented about Jake and how he hopes they keep the rotation intact and Chris said “Yea, we’ll see.” We’ll see indeed. Anyway, here are some pictures from the signing. There probably won’t be many more of these since the season is over. BTW, Rod if you are reading this, expect something in the mail from this signing this week.

The top picture is not me by the way; I just thought it was cool how he had a novelty baseball that big. Anyway, since I got my Young cards signed now, I am missing a regular base card from my 2008 Allen & Ginter set so I’m adding that to my want list. If anyone has #46 to fill it, let me know along with the other SPs I need.


Also a BIG thank you to Tricia from The Hamiltonian for sending over 3 SPs that I needed for the 2008 Allen & Ginter set I’m putting together: 324, 335, 336, so now I am closer than ever to finishing the set! I still need: #46, 302, 314, US7 – only 4 cards to finish it! (Well and also the Fukudome card, but I can always get that off eBay as I imagine it will be quite difficult to trade for that). Please let me know if you have any of these 4 cards, thanks.


4 Responses to “Chris Young Signing”

  1. Very cool. I love going to those.

    Try signing up for or I haven’t used sports graphing, but use signingshotline a lot.

  2. I should be able to finish your A&G set… I am slow with the mailing thing, but I will do my best… Drop me an email at punkrockpaint @ gmail dot com

  3. I just pulled the four you need. Do you know anyone who has 310 and 319?

  4. Lucky, I live in Oregon and we get nothing and like it. We do have the Salem-Keizer Valcanos a Single A team. He has a nice signature.

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