Mailday Shoutouts and Random Thoughts

Some people might think these type of posts are lame, but I like to thank people for the effort that they have to put into mailing things off to other collectors. First, a big thank you goes out to the girls of Dinged Corners for sending over a huge package of Giants cards. My favorite has to be the 2008 Topps Opening Day of Lincecum. Girls, I will really try to get Mr. Zito to sign something for you next season and if he doesn’t, I will send you something that he signed for me that’s very special to me (I’ve met him like 3 or 4 times so I have plenty of Zito autographs). Maybe you girls will get lucky and he might be in the San Diego area in the off-season. He did grow up here afterall. We were just talking about how Zito is a player who collects his own baseball cards. I mentioned in another post when he was signing before a game how he commented on the his Allen & Ginter state card. I should give him one of those next time to keep. I wonder which other players collect their own cards. Also according to Wikipedia, Mr. Zito buys his own autographed cards off eBay because they are authenticated. He’s a funny guy. If I was player, I would collect my own cards too.

The other mailday package I received today was from Dan over at Saints of the Cheap Seats. He sent over two Upper Deck X Die-Cuts of Timmy. One is the regular parallel and the other is the gold parallel. Initially, I hated the look of the X product, but the die-cuts are actually kind of cool. There are some things I would improve upon. First, make it so that the die-cuts look different from the base cards (yes, I know that defeats the whole purpose of a “parallel”), but it would look so much better if it was shiny or something. Second, make the die-cuts thicker. The thickness is pretty flimsy; in fact, you can probably make your own die-cut with an exacto knife and a base card. The thing I do like about the card is that their body is contorted to fit in the shape of the X on the card. But honestly, I would never buy a product of this stuff by itself.

Thanks again for the packages – I hope to get some boxes around Christmas time so I can bust some and send some team/player cards out to you guys. I realize this might be a while away, but funds have been low. Also when I go home for Christmas, I have a TON of old cards, random cards, from the 80s and early 90s that I stored. I will unearth them and organize them to send out to people as well. I am now up to 53 Lincecum cards in the collection. I really want to take a gander into Mario’s collection to see what he has.

Lastly, the 2008 NL Cy Young Contest is coming to a close. The last day to enter is this Saturday, November 1 so remember to throw in your entry. The prize is either – an autographed rookie card, a printing plate, or something else. Don’t get your hopes up on superstar cards, but they’re decent. I’ll just pick one randomly. The actual announcement of the winner will be on November 11, so mark your calendars – I know I will (I’m excited!).

Also after watching that Donruss Threads group break on SCU, it made me not want to get a box of that. The rookies really suck and you’re basically looking for one of those big hits. The Willie Mays card was a very nice hit, but everything else was crap. But after watching it, I also want to do a group break now. SCU is slightly more football oriented, especially with football season in full swing. But regardless, I really want to get in on one.


2 Responses to “Mailday Shoutouts and Random Thoughts”

  1. To be honest, you have seen the best. I traded about 5-7 nicer cards early in the season before I really got into him.

    I’ll try to scan the cards this weekend!

  2. I pulled a Lincecum Baseball Heroes silver (gray?) parallel the other day. If you don’t have it, I’ll start another pile for you.

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