Happy Camper

Why am I a happy camper on a dreary Monday afternoon? Because I just received a package from Steve over at White Sox Cards today. I desperately wanted to get in on the past baseball group break of two boxes of Donruss Threads because of all the hype surrounding that product and also because I haven’t bought anything baseball related in a while. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I only had $8 in my PayPal and I couldn’t afford the $14 minimum for two teams, which may have been a good thing since everything else sucked other than that Mays card. Well, Steve ended up with the Giants and he got the big hit of the break. Knowing that I am a huge Giants fan, he graciously sent over all the other Giants cards from the break along with a ton of other Giants cards. What were my favorites from the package? I don’t think you need to even ask that question.

Thanks Steve! You made my day a little brighter with a little dose of Lincecum cards. As you can see, the one on the right is actually a game-used card! That was very, very generous of him. Steve, if you’re reading this, I am shipping out a package to you today, as we speak. Don’t expect too much as it was all the White Sox cards I had right now because I haven’t bought anything else lately. I will send over more during Christmas time because the bulk of my random cards from other teams are at home (this goes for everyone else as well), but I hope the cards that I send over will hold you over until then.

That brings my Lincecum collection up to 55 cards. You know, Upper Deck X isn’t that bad…okay, maybe it is, but when it comes to Lincecum cards, they’re all good. I like how the game-used jersey at least is framed in a die-cut X window rather than just a plain square one.

I’m really itchin’ to bust of box of something right now, anything. What’s the next new baseball product coming out that’s worth getting? Anyone?


One Response to “Happy Camper”

  1. I’m glad I was able to brighten your day!

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