Giants Hot Stove Report #1 Update

This just in from Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports: The Giants are close to signing Renteria but are also discussing trading Jonathon Sanchez for Jorge Cantu with the Florida Marlins. Man would that piss off Mario over at Wax Heaven even more or what? thinks that’s a steal for the Marlins because they got Cantu for nothing last year, but on the contrary, Sanchez has been wildly inconsistent. He was very impressive in the first half of last season, but really fell apart during the second half. I would definitely pull the trigger on this trade if I were the Giants. They instantly pick up a power hitting infielder (unless last year was a fluke). Would Renteria and Cantu be better than the young prospects the Giants have right now for the middle infield? Probably, but what happened to the youth movement? I think they might be gearing up for a run at the division title next year if this happens because the West is very weak.

On another note, reports that Lincecum is open to a long-term extension deal rather than going year-to-year. This would benefit the Giants to lock him up for years to come. That should be their #1 priority and keeping the kid happy for the next few years. He is the new face of the franchise in addition to being “The Franchise.”

BTW, here are some pictures from yesterday’s SFgate article on Lincecum during his motion capture session for the 2K Sports video game:


3 Responses to “Giants Hot Stove Report #1 Update”

  1. If the Marlins trade Cantu….man, I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. I thought the Marlins traded Jacobs so they could slide Cantu to 1B and give McPherson the 3B job. If they trade him, who plays 1B? Gaby Sanchez? Is he ready?

    Good deal for the Giants if they are really planning to give CC an offer. CC is obviously a more than adequate replacement for Sanchez in the rotation. Plus, Cantu is cheap and productive.

  3. I wouldn’t make that trade if I was the Giants. Sanchez is a decent starting pitcher who has good stuff and is capable of getting better. And Cantu was a fluke. If you need any proof, look at his 2005 numbers and then check out what he did in 2006 and 2007. There are a ton of power-hitting corner infield guys who the Giants could get cheaply in free agency. They should definitely hold on to Sanchez.

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