Set Complete!

I can’t believe I finished my first card set already! I thought it would take forever, but the time went by really fast and it was also very fun along the way. I received the last four cards that completes my 2008 Allen & Ginter set from PunkRockPaint. He is a fellow card collector and also resident San Diegan. When I stumbled upon his blog a month ago, I thought he did the coolest things to cards. He is a photoshop wiz and makes amazing card designs. He is an artist. The people at Topps needs to take notice as he does a much better job than them on some of their cards. They need to fire those clowns over there who are either doing a terrible photoshop job on certain cards or making gimmick cards. Take alook at his blog as you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, back to Allen & Ginter. The 2008 card set wowed me and the design is what drew me to the set. I completed the set within 4-5 months through various trades and such. Who knew that trading online with complete strangers would be such a fun and rewarding experience. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted and the journey has finally come to an end. The only card I’m sort of missing is the Fukudome no number. I’ve given up trying to trade for it because it is valued much higher than any other base card. The cheapest one I’ve seen sold on eBay was for $7, which is a huge price drop from the $20-25 I’ve seen sold in previous months. I guess the last month or two in the season coupled with his horrible postseason dropped his card value. I think this will be it in terms of putting a set together for a while. I can now focus on just Giants and Lincecum cards. Ah the satisfaction! Anyway, here are the last four stragglers:



3 Responses to “Set Complete!”

  1. Congrats! My favorite set of the year. I completed it last month with your help and the help of several other bloggers. I don’t have the Fukudome card, but I haven’t given it a single thought. As far as i’m concerned, I have a complete set.

  2. Congratulations on completing your first set. As I’m sure you’ve discovered set building is an addiction without a cure. I’ve tried buying a couple of recent products looking for Red Sox (and cards to trade for the Sox I didn’t pull) and ended up deciding to collect the set. There’s just something about needing to add that card that fits between the two others you have that is irresistable.
    Scott C

  3. Congratulations on completing the set! That’s excellent.

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