Mailday from Saints of the Cheap Seats

A real quick mailday shoutout to Dan over at Saints of the Cheap Seats, who sent over a 2007 Bowman Chrome Lincecum base card. I’ve been looking for this card for a while now so I’m very happy that I have it now. I really like this card because I still view this as his “true” rookie card. Regardless of what’s happening with all the Razor, Tristar, etc. products, I still consider Bowman as the “Home of the Rookie Card,” and I consider Bowman Chrome as the flagship product. I already have his two rookie autos from Bowman Chrome (one is the regular auto and the other is the refractor #’d out of 500). I believe they also have parallels of this same card as a refractor (#’d out of 500), X-fractor (#’d out of 250), blue refractor (#’d out of 150), and also in orange and gold. Unlike the other stupid parallels out there, the parallels that go along with the bowman chrome series are nice because they are chrome refractors. This brings me up to 65 cards, with three more on the way from a recent eBay auction. They’re nothing big, but cheap cards from 2006 from Just Minors. Thanks again Dan for the package!



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