Leaps and Bounds Mailday

I received two HUGE packages today in the mail: one from Mario at Wax Heaven and the other, a monstrous box of Giants and various other cards from Jeff over at I am Joe Collector. Jeff was giving away tons and tons of cards for his “First Person Gets ’em Giveaway.” Looking at the amount of boxes he buy from his entries, it’s not surprising that he has accumulated such a large amount of cards. But his generosity is duly noted because of the work and effort he had to put into each package, let alone doing such a large number of these packages! I can’t imagine all the work put into it. The box I received was literally stuffed with cards and then buffered with checklist cards to make sure the cards within were protected and didn’t move around during shipping. The shipping cost itself was $6.80 so you can imagine how much this giveaway cost Jeff. It was a very nice gesture and it’s people like Jeff who keep this online community of bloggers/collectors strong because sometimes it’s not about the money or gaining cards, but the satisfaction of leaving other collectors with a smile on their faces. I really appreciate it Jeff! Thanks again. I would post pictures of the box, but there are just way too many good cards to go through. I will probably take a few pictures later when I figure out what I’m going to do with all these cards. One card that I will post is a Topps Finest Tim Lincecum card that I found in the box. Topps Finest is probably one of the nicest cards and card designs that the company came up with this year. Now I have the base to go along with the refractor parallel.

The same generosity can be said of Mario. He not only runs the #1 sports card blog on the internet today, but finds time and money to put together packages for other bloggers, despite himself trying to save up enough to finish his Bowman master set for Jose Cruz Jr. He sent over a bunch of Tim Lincecum cards for my collection as well as two beautiful Robb Nen Bowman Chrome cards. These are from the same product in which he’s trying to procure his Jose Cruz Jr. master set. I must agree that these are some of the nicest cards I’ve ever seen for the Bowman Chrome series. I really love the vertical stripes design and also the American flag parallel card (I guess this is the supposed International parallel?). But the cards that I was really forward to were the Lincecums. My favorite of the bunch is probably the X-fractor parallel. I did not own one before this package so it’s really nice to have. It’s too bad that they don’t serially number these anymore out of 250, but serial numbers don’t mean that much to me. With all these additions to the collection, I am now up to 71 different and unique Lincecum cards in my collection. Thank you for the contribution!  I really appreciate it and I hope to send some cards in return during the holidays.

Side Note: Lately, there has been a lot of talk about how horrible Topps has been as a company and their card designs this year. You can find entries on this topic on both Wax Heaven and SCU. I really agree with their take on the situation and I have my own speal about how horrible Topps has been. Expect a future entry on this. For now, it’s going to be a busy week, so there might not be another entry for a while…unless the Giants pull off a huge signing/trade or blunder by signing an old, crappy veteran who’s way past his prime.

Oh, check these out:


3 Responses to “Leaps and Bounds Mailday”

  1. No Problem, hope you enjoy them!

  2. Glad you liked them and sorry for the delay. 🙂

  3. Psh, what delay? They got to me in 4 days. I really do enjoy the cards. It’s like if you received a package of Andrew Millers. I’m sure you understand. Thanks again!!

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