Contest Mailday and the Season for Giving

I received two packages in the mail today, one from Ross over at Box Busters, and the other from Steve over at White Sox Cards. They were both cards from contests from a week or two ago. They both left me with some sweet Giants cards. This brings me to a problem I was thinking about for a while. Over the past few months, I have accumulated a ton of cards from various people through trades and such and I have been running out of room. What am I going to do with all these cards? I collect mainly collect only one player, so as you can imagine, I don’t really look at my other cards that much. I like having Giants cards, but I am simply too one-minded to collect and organize all of them. I thought surely someone else would appreciate them more than me. Then a lightbulb went off in my head. Everyone seemed to have some holiday card giveaway to other bloggers these days. I remember a while ago, I read somewhere on Wax Heaven that Mario planned to donate some cards to a children’s hospital. That was a great idea! I always hear on the radio how people have Toys 4 Tots and also random toy drives for kids. I have put together all my loose cards and such and I decided to donate all of them to a good cause. That way, I’m saving on room and shipping costs. When it comes down to random single cards, I am just not great at collecting that. I am only keeping a few select cards on top of my Lincecum collection. Those of you who I’m trying to build a stack of cards for, do not worry. In the coming new year, I plan to bust some boxes so that should fill the trade queue pretty quickly.

In the meanwhile, I have decided this is the extent of my collecting in order of priority:
1. Tim Lincecum
2. Giants silk cards (starting with 2008 Allen & Ginter team set)
3. Giants autographed cards (both in person, through the mail, and certified autographs) & HOF relic cards
4. Matt Cain and Barry Bonds

BTW, on another note, Dave posted an entry yesterday night on how Target was selling Topps Stadium Club blaster boxes for $2.99 instead of the advertised $19.99 price. Supposedly, they mixed up the bar codes of the blasters with those of the individual packs. Several people were able to take advantage of this loop hole. I promised myself that I would not touch another store bought blaster again, but at $2.99, it was too good of a deal to pass up. I stopped by the local Target this afternoon in hopes of grabbing one. When I got there, I found one blaster box left in the card aisle. I took it and hastily walked over the manual scanner to check the price. I scanned it repeatedly, but it kept saying there was no match. I thought, maybe they really did screw it up. I walked over to the checkout with another item and was about to pay when $19.99 popped up. I guess Target finally corrected their mistake. I awkwardly told the cashier that I didn’t want it and walked away empty-handed. I like the stain-glass look of the Beam Team cards, which is why I wanted to try a blaster, but oh well. I leave you with card #72 in the collection, from Ross’ package. As I have said before, I am not a big fan of parallels at all, but the parallels found in UD Masterpieces really works. The frame really makes the piece stand out. I love it:


3 Responses to “Contest Mailday and the Season for Giving”

  1. Donating cards to charity….that’s a great idea! If you think about it, let me know what you find out on where you take them and how you go about it. I have a ton I would be glad to donate as well.

  2. Awesome idea!

    BTW, I had some Lincecum cards set aside to put in and accidentally left them out. That’s what I get for doing sixteen packages at once.

    They’ll eventually make their way to you. By then, I may have more to add.

  3. Thanks Steve! I’m going to check out what I have back home when I go back in a couple days that are White Sox.

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