The Crown Jewel

Remember a couple posts back, I talked about the 2007 Bowman Chrome autograph card and how it was the centerpiece of my collection? Remember how I said it could easily be replaced if I found a card that was one step up in terms of parallel-ness? I found this on eBay today, and from the looks of it, it is in very good condition. You rarely see these up for auction and when you do, they normally go for an exorbitant amount of money. I would estimate that a card of this stature could easily sell anywhere from $400-600. Since it’s Christmas time, it might sell in the higher range. Right now, it’s only $246, but there’s still 10 hours left. I actually put in a bid of $250, but that will probably be outbid by the time I wake up. It’s fun to at least have a hand in this, although I’m not sure I would pay for it if I did win. I would probably have to sell off a bunch of cards to help pay for it and also borrow some PayPal money. Blue refractor parallel versions easily sell for over $300. If I could, I would easily give up my regular refractor for this gold one. I read Gellman’s post a few days ago about trading in your other cards and selling them to upgrade to a nicer one that you like. I’ve never thought about that only because I want to collect every single card ever made for that given player and selling two or three cards to obtain one card would be counter-productive; however, I would make an exception in this case. Here’s a nice look at this rare beauty:



2 Responses to “The Crown Jewel”

  1. That is a great looking card, and the orange color matches the Giants. Looks like you’ve been outbid though…

  2. It’s actually gold, but it does look kind of orange, doesn’t it? I believe the orange refractor parallel is even more rare because it is numbered out of 25. I know that it’s inevitable that I would be outbid. I estimate that it will sell for around $350-400.

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