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Superfractor Found!

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OMG, the 2007 Bowman Chrome Superfractor has been found and listed on eBay. I found the listing while scouring Tim Lincecum cards, especially from the 2007 Bowman Chrome set since I’ve been trying to get the rainbow parallels from that set. I know that the Bowman Chrome autograph has been found a while back, but I didn’t know if the regular base card had been found until now. I guess it’s been around since December of ’08 and this guy has been fielding offers for it since. With this economy, it’s probably difficult to find a buyer at the price that he wants. I wonder what the highest bid for it is. I think if it was like $200, I would definitely buy it, but that is but a dream. I’m not sure if I would prefer this card over his autograph gold parallel card that sold for over $500 back in December. What would you pay for this card?


2007 Upper Deck Elements – Biggest hit of my life!

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Okay, so I couldn’t resist the temptation and busted the box and opened the remaining packs from the order. Since I ordered over $150 from Dave and Adam’s Card World, they sent me two free packs of 2007 UD Elements to go along with my 2007 UD Elements Hobby Box. Each hobby box is broken down into three mini boxes with 5 packs per mini box and 3 cards per pack. Supposedly there’s (1) game-used memorabilia, (1) autograph, and (1) auto/game-used memorabilia card per box so there’s 1 of either of those three per mini box. The mini boxes are split into three different products with three different types of cards: foil board, Lt Fx, and PETG technology. My favorite is the PETG cards because they’re like plastic cards and they are slightly opaque at the top. They remind me of those glass cards from the basketball products, except they are plastic. They are much heavier than average cards by weight. Here are my first two hits from my two free packs, which is pretty amazing considering the hits fall (1) per mini box and here I got two already in two free standing packs. Thank you DAcardworld for the free packs promotion!


This is a pretty nice dual autograph. Japanese players sure like their shades. Hey Dave, let me know if you’re interested in this and other Rays hit below. Maybe we can work out a trade for that Lincecum Sweet Spot plus cards or cash 🙂


I’m sure the girls at Dinged Corners would enjoy this card! Actually, they might also like the previous card just because there are TWO Asian players. It’s great that Zito has beef up this offseason by working out with Brian Wilson at his LA home. You can’t get any worse than starting off the season 0-8. I look forward to him bouncing back this season. Now onto the hits from the actual box (mini boxes).


Seriously, what is with my luck and getting Travis Buck?? I need to find an A’s collector to trade all these A’s hits to. However, I do like the design of the Elemental AuTOGRAPHS (it’s a play on the periodic table of elements’ symbol for gold, which is Au), which is quite clever. Too bad the autos are on stickers. This was from the Lt Fx box I believe.


Another dual GU card for Scott Kazmir. Not a bad hit since he is really an up and coming star pitcher for the Rays. It’s too bad I can’t say the same for the Zito card. This was from the regular foil board mini box. And last but not least, the card that came from the PETG technology mini box…


Yes! I can’t believe I actually got a card this good in a product like Elements. I was in shock for about half an hour and I’m still kind of surprised. To me, a Ripkin card is like getting one of those old time Yankee cards since he’s going to go down in history as one of the greatest athletes in history. This is by far the best card I’ve ever gotten in opening packs and boxes. Now onto something a little more serious. If you look carefully around the edges of the window, there’s some slight chipping and damage. On the back, there is also some type of residue that seems like it was stuck onto another card. Some of the other PETG cards are scratched up. I need your help. Do you think I should send this into Upper Deck to get it replaced? What are they chances they have another copy of a card to replace it with? If they don’t, will they just confiscate this card and give me something worse or will I at least be guaranteed this card back? I have sent in cards to UD before for damage replacement and they came back in a timely manner without any problems. I’m just hestitant to send this one in, but I really think I should be getting a top quality card to go along with the quality of the hit. Leave comments below.

2007 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Baseball (3) Box Break

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So, sorry for the delay, but when the office picks up your UPS packages, you never really know when you’ll actually get them. I finally got them this afternoon and began busting them open on the spot. Instead of buying one box, I bought three according that three box average that I am Joe Collector uses as a better statistical tool for assessing how good a product is. I also decided to give out any hits that I got in the product from the first box to my regular trading partners and keep the rest for myself. Suffice to say, the product is pretty disappointing. I guess the Saltalamacchia and Lind aren’t too bad for the first box. Steve from White Sox Cards got the only hit from the first box so let me know if you want that Jermaine Dye game-used as you are the only blog that I’ve had mail from (you can e-mail me your address and I’ll get that out for you). The second and third box weren’t too exciting either, except for maybe the Pujols game-used. I’m also moderately happy that I got a Giants’ card with the Fred Lewis rookie autograph. I’m kind of sad that I went through the three boxes so quickly. I ordered a box of UD Elements too since it was so cheap and it’s sitting on my desk right now. I’m tempted to open it just because I was so disappointed by Sweet Spot.

Box #1:


Box #2:


Box #3:


Reorganization and Love of Parallels

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I have reorganized my Tim Lincecum Collection page to follow the format Mario goes by with his Andrew Miller collection. I hope he finds this as a form of flattery and not a copy-cat thing. I just found his way of organization so much better and efficient. The number is now at 87 different and unique cards. I just took a read of dkwilson’s entry on NeedMoMorneau today and it got me thinking about what I purchase on eBay. He’s right in that I can’t expect to buy every single Lincecum card that comes out – it’s way too costly. I have to pick and choose the ones that I think are best. I also think that when there’s a deal to be had, it needs to be seized. The two cards that I added today cost me $1.25 for the dual swatch and $1.04 for the xfractor parallel. I really, really love the parallels that come out of the Bowman Chrome products. I’m telling you that it’s all you really need: refractor, xfractor, blue refractor, gold refractor, orange refractor, red refractor, superfractor – the seven colors of the rainbow. That got me thinking that I should focus on his rookie year Bowman products. If it’s out there, I want to get the rainbow collection of 2007 Bowman Chrome, his Bowman Chrome autograph, and Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. It might never happen (especially with the superfractor), but it’s a goal worth attaining someday. Until then, I will have to settle for looking at the nice, cheap 2008 xfractor, which is the highest level parallel that I have from the Bowman products.

Giantographs and Darin Blood

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So I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now and I’ve decided I’m going to streamline my collecting habits even further. I cannot continue to allow so many team cards accumulate unappreciated in boxes any longer. They just end up stacked high and taking up a lot of room. My collecting basis is shifting from quantity to quality. Two people have influenced me in what I collect. First, Mario’s collection of Andrew Miller drove me to be a player collector for Tim Lincecum. Second, Rod has influenced me to collect autographed Giants cards. I think those two types of collecting really floats my boat. Speaking of which, Rod sent me a bunch of cards the other day.


One of the cards was an autographed card of a player that I’ve never heard of. Darin Blood was drafted by the Giants #47 overall in 1995, but I’ve never heard of him reaching the big leagues. I guess he never really progressed past the minor leagues and his career ended there. The biggest thing he’s known for is a trade that brought Joe Carter to San Francisco in 1998. As you know, Carter is a big name in Toronto Blue Jays history for homering in the ninth to win the ’93 World Series against the Phillies. I think Mario can really appreciate this card because it comes from one of his favorite sets, 1997 Bowman Chrome. I really like the vertical striping in the card design. Thanks again Rod!

In summary, here is my priority for collecting now:
1. Tim Lincecum cards
2. Giants autographed cards

85 and counting

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I got a few more cards this week that I would like to share. First, I think it’s very fun to have a little friendly competition going on between the three player collector blogs: me, Dave, and Mario, who collect Tim Lincecum, Evan Longoria, and Andrew Miller respectively. Our numbers total 85, 84, and 101. It’s also cool because the three players are sort of comparable just because they all came up around the same time, with Longoria a year later in 2007.

Here’s some of the cards that I got in the past week. The first card is from Bowman Sterling, which I got for like $5 BIN on eBay. I was thinking about putting together the rainbow collection, since the black refractor and gold refractor had recently sold for a little over $10, but I thought better of it. They’re kind of stupid looking anyway so I just stuck to getting a regular refractor. A regular base sells for around $2-3. Bowman Sterling is one of the high end products that are probably unnecessary at this point.

The next card is from Topps Chrome, which is an insert that is a remake of the 1983 design. I like this look a lot and hope they put a lot more retro style inserts in sets. Cards like this also make me wish Topps just does away with regular Topps in favor of Topps Chrome. They have the exact same insert in regular Topps, but it’s numbered differently and it’s not a refractor. How stupid.

Next is a package that comes from Steve over at The Easy Life. He sent over a 2008 Allen & Ginter mini, which I didn’t have before. I love the mini set and I bought specific mini penny sleeves and toploaders for these very cards. The other card, which I really like, is from Topps Stadium Club. Everyone has bashed what a terrible re-debut this product has made, which is to some extent true. But, I still love the quality of the card stock and how thick the card actually is. It’s unfortunate that the card was pretty badly damaged – I’m not sure if it was from shipping or not, but I am going to try to send it in to Topps and see if I can get a replacement in return because damaged cards really bother me. Here’s a look at the card – it’s actually a First Day Issue, which is kind of a stupid parallel – you can clearly see the damage.

In other news, tracking on the boxes that I got earlier in the week says it will get here on Thursday. Kind of a long way to go, but be patient. I’m kind of excited to see how Elements looks, but I will probably get what I pay for. I’m still excited for my first box break of the year and the only one since opening Allen & Ginter back in July.

Box Break Update

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The boxes have been ordered today. I picked an additional box of 2007 Elements since it’s a pretty good deal right now for only $40. Additionally, I got free shipping because I’m cheap so the boxes won’t get here until mid next week. I got it from Dave & Adam’s Card World, which is the first time I’ve purchased anything from them. In fact, I’ve always made purchases on eBay since they’re almost always cheaper, but they had good deals on both the Sweet Spot and Elements. Additionally, I found a sweet coupon code to use online that gets you $10 off a purchase of $50 or more, which is another nice incentive to get something from them. The code is 279-65M7 and works through 01/31/2009.