Finally an Update

Sorry for the extended vacation; I guess you don’t actually realize how long you’ve been away from blogging until you see how much your peers have blogged. Onto some updates!

Thank you to Mario from Wax Heaven for sending a ton of Lincecum cards over. We hashed out a last minute Christmas deal for the Chirography Dual of his Andrew Miller/Tim Lincecum from the 2007 SP Authentic product. Ever since he posted about this card, I knew I wanted it, but I knew I could never afford it given my finances for cards; however, he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I sent over some leftover PayPal funds that I got from selling some cards and the rest is history. The card is much shinier than I thought (the scan does it no justice) and I forgot that it was even serial numbered (not that it matters to me, but it’s nice). This card instantly becomes one of my favorite Lincecum cards because the autograph is really clean and the fact that Mario took so long to give it up (I think he received a bunch of offers for it). Don’t worry, it’s in good hands now and I won’t sell it for a profit. Along with some other cards that I already had, I picked out a 2008 UD Timeline 2004 Timeless Team subset card too. This brings the total number in the collection to 77 and growing. It’s only a matter of time before the number hits the century mark. There are a bunch of new cards coming out from Bowman Sterling with Lincecum GU jersey cuts. But the Timmy cards that I covet at present are the 2007 Sweet Spot autos that are one baseballs/gloves/bats. Until then, enjoy a look at this beauty:

In other news, I finally received the 12 days of Christmas giveaway cards from Tribecards. It is quite an ingenius idea for a giveaway. Here is the list (hum to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas):

On the 12th day of christmas, tribecards gave to me: 12 Will Clark, 11 Barry Bonds, 10 Jeff Kent, 9 Kevin Mitchell, 8 Matt Williams, 7 Rich Aurilia, 6 Robb Nen, FIVE OSVALDO FERNANDEZ, 4 Brett Butler, 3 Ellis Burks, 2 J.T. Snow, and an ’07 eTopps Barry Zito!

I’m sure the ladies at Dinged Corners would much love this eTopps of Barry Zito, but I think I am going to have to hang out to it for now. It’s just way too shiny to give up. In other news, my very good friend bought me a San Francisco Giants jacket! I’ve always wanted one, but never got it because it was really expensive (~$130 regular price). He bought it impulsively without even glancing at the price, but luckily it was on sale this holiday season for only $85 plus tax! Amazing 40% off. Anyway, I love it and now I have a jacket to wear to games instead of just wearing my Lincecum t-shirt and freezing to death at both Petco and AT&T Park.

There will be more baseball and card news to follow. I hope to do another hot stove report on the Giants tomorrow. Very big news with the signing of the Big Unit and also current rumors involving Manny!


2 Responses to “Finally an Update”

  1. I’m pretty sure we saw the Big Unit shopping at the local Whole Foods. I mean, not many people resemble him, right?

  2. Nope not at all, but word is that he’s not a big signer

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