Another Reason to Hate 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Parallels

First of all, thank you to Greg over at Night Owl Cards for sending over this Lincecum to add to my collection. I really appreciate it and this brings the total to 78 cards. Remember when I complained about there being 13 different crazy colored parallel cards to this set? I don’t think this is the main thing that bugs me. The most annoying thing about these parallels are that Upper Deck doesn’t even tell you which is which. Supposedly, silver doesn’t exist, but I’m pretty sure this is a silver parallel numbered out of 399. What the hell?! Supposedly the other one is a “charcoal,” because that is the only other parallel of the base that is not numbered. I have never seen a black parallel before, but I have the black jersey parallel that is numbered out of 125 and it’s the same color as the “charcoal” unless I am going colorblind, which is why my charcoal base parallel is labeled black. I’m so confused! Someone tell me if I’m just dumb and can’t clarify this parallel craziness. I am a very OCD person and I hate not being organized. The one numbered out of 399 is what I got from Greg. This is followed by the base card, “charcoal” unnumbered parallel, and “black” numbered out of 125 jersey parallel.

EDIT: So I think I figured out that the two bottom cards are black parallels as the regular black parallels are for cards 1-200 and are unnumbered and the black jersey parallels run numbered out of 125 as it says on the checklist, which makes sense. Now what the hell is charcoal? Is it the “silver” one I have? So confused still.


2 Responses to “Another Reason to Hate 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Parallels”

  1. Well, I’m no expert. All I know is there is definitely a non-numbered charcoal parallel (I believe sold only at retail stores), which is the one on the bottom left. The GU card just seems to be a charcoal parallel with a jersey.

    And the card I sent you is definitely silver (or gray), so if they don’t have silver or gray listed as an option then apparently someone is manufacturing cards in their basement and slipping them into packs of UD Heroes without anyone noticing! 😀

  2. lonestarr Says:

    I’ll be sending whatever Upper Deck decided to call the green parallel, early next week. 😛

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