An Update of the Good ‘ol Blogroll

I have been pretty negligent when it comes to updating the blogroll because I just never get around to it. Well, it’s time to put an end to that today! I’m sure I’m missing more than this, but here are four blogs that should have been on the links a long time ago. Damn my absent-mindedness.

A Cardboard Problem – A baseball card blog maintained by two women, Sooz and Marie. Huh, you say? Yes, girls like baseball cards too! They are not the first and surely won’t be the last. They write and update a wonderful Yankees-oriented blog with a few other players. Sooz is additionally interested in Kevin Kouzmanoff and Marie in Albert Pujols. Just a side note on Kevin Kouzmanoff. My friend and I saw him prior to batting practice before a Padres/Giants game and we were both wearing Giants attire. My friend wanted to shake his hand because he was a fan, but the Kooz declined. We have hated him since. Anyway, I very much enjoyed their pictures and entry on their last game at Yankees Stadium. It’s a historical place (despite my hatred of those damn YSL cards) and since I’ve never seen it, it’s great to see it through other people’s experiences.

The Hamiltonian – I absolutely love player-centered blogs. The Hamiltonian is, you guessed it, all things Josh Hamilton. Tricia carefully documents every single Hamilton card in the collection or new ones as they are added. In addition, the site also writes about some hockey cards. I especially enjoyed the entry on the creation of a one-of-a-kind unique card for Josh to autograph through the mail. It is an ingenious idea and I bet the players really enjoy that sort of thing too! Wonderful.

The Pettitte Pursuit – It’s about time Eric freakin’ got his own blog. I’m sure he was much like me before on Mario’s blog as a lurker. It’s just to hard to pass up a chance to join a community like our card blogosphere. I guess Eric loves all things Yankee as well, but his particular focus is Andy Pettitte, which is a wonderful idea because I love player collections. I like Andy Pettitte too, mainly because he helped me out a lot in fantasy baseball leagues in years past. I also respect that he admitted to using steroids for that short period of time in his career to recover from an injury and he actually apologized for it. See how apologies go a long way? Look at other players who have hidden their steroids use. Pettitte is still beloved in New York. Compare that to Clemens or other players like Giambi or Tejada. But here’s what I LOL about when I think of Yankees’ player collectors. Three words: Yankee Stadium Legacy. LOL.

The Sports Card File – This is a relatively new blog, like Eric’s and is written from the point of view of a former Beckett Media, Donruss-Playoff, Topps, as well as Upper Deck employee. Since this is the case, Steve has great insight on how the business is run and the ins and outs of the industry in general. The entry on the general trend of the card market confirmed what I suspected about high end products and such. They have to be diluted with bad players because others like Pujols charges a big premium to companies. I thought that’s how it worked. Also the whole licensing tidbit is an interesting read too. That’s cool how companies like DLP can get around that because they don’t have licensing. Anyway, interesting for me because it’s a completely different take on sports cards and tries to explain how it works from the companies’ side.

I hope that sort of updates things. If I left anyone out, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to update your blog onto the blogroll. Chances are, I’ve already read your blog, but haven’t had a chance and/or was too lazy to update it.


One Response to “An Update of the Good ‘ol Blogroll”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    That story about Kouz made me sad. I like to think when I collect players that they are stand up kinda guys. Sure Jeter gets all the hot chicks, but he’s very personable and he takes time to interact with fans.

    When the Padres come to Philly this year (that’s the stadium closest to me), I’ll make my attempt to talk to Kouz. If he’s a jerk, I may end up selling off my collection.

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