Shoe Sale!

I was looking at these the other day:

Not that I was going to buy them or even thinking about it. I just thought that it was a weird item to sell online, but in a way, I’m sort of surprised that it didn’t sell for more. Don’t baseball shoes in general cost more than $60? Unless you buy those cheap ones at Big 5. Anyway, I can’t imagine how someone might get these as a souvenir during spring training. A lot of kids will ask for a player’s batting gloves or a ball, maybe if they’re lucky, their cap or even a bat, but shoes? Weird. Maybe they’ll be a steal 50 years from now after Timmy’s career is long over. But for now, I don’t think I would want his shoes unless they made a UltraPro case for shoes (they probably do and I’ll probably eat those words).


3 Responses to “Shoe Sale!”

  1. I can’t see somebody getting shoes as a souvenir either… cracked bats, batting gloves or caps, sure. Maybe somebody went dumpster diving? Who knows?

    I really don’t think I’d want somebody’s game-used shoes, so that might be a factor keeping the price down.

  2. Get them and sell them to topps or Ud and they can cut them into little pieces and make a card out of them.

  3. There’s a guy who sets up at the monthly card show who has at least a dozen pairs of Bears and Packers shoes from training camp. He tries to get $150 a pair. He says at the end of camp he waits outside and asks everyone for their shoes and alot of guys give them to him. Who knows what else he asks for?

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