Weekend Deal Steals

I’ve always advocated buying stuff on eBay on the weekends because it’s a statistical fact that cards and other things are cheaper. That’s because people don’t wake up early enough to bid or they’re out doing other stuff in the day. Playoff football helps out a lot because people are out tailgating or barbequing their weekends away. Their loss is my gain.

I posed a question last week about buying boxes over individual cards and the responses that I got favored just buying the individual cards because I get what I want without the risk factor. This weekend, I did just that. One of my goals is to get the trifecta of the ball/glove/bat barrel auto of Timmy from the 2007 Sweet Spot product. I have one down and two to go. How much would I pay for an actual box of Sweet Spot? It ranges from $40-50 so I would probably pay $50 at most with shipping. How much did I get this bat barrel for on eBay last night? $46 freakin’ dollars. That is a steal in my mind! I’ve seen these go for around $60, and they are worse in quality. The auto on the bat is actually not too bad and it has the advantage of not fading as fast or as badly as the one on balls (which also bleeds). So basically, I bypassed the risk of buying a whole box and pretty much avoided getting a crappy card like…oh I don’t know…Brandon Wood, harr harr. I wish the auto was a little bit sharper, but I’m still happy. Notice the $80 price sticker on the toploader haha. SO much for that.

I also picked up another card for cheap earlier in the day. You know what else is awesome on weekends? One-day listings. I know what you guys are thinking. Yes, Triple Threads is shit. I agree completely, but it’s a good deal! It’s like those damn buy one get one free deals or something. Okay, not the best analogy, but anywho, I got it for $35! If anything, I could just relist and make a small profit.


What do you guys think of the haul? Deal steals or another one for the trash bin?


4 Responses to “Weekend Deal Steals”

  1. Those are definitely steals – congrats! The only thing I don’t like about the bat barrel card is that it seems so odd for a pitcher to autograph part of a bat. At least he’s in the N.L. The reason why Triple Threads is shit is because the hobby boxes sell for an extremely ridiculous amount of money. If you can get an individual card of a guy like Lincecum for $35, that is a great deal! Finally, that Brandon Wood from Sweet Spot had a serial number of 1 – so it’s a 1/1! Hahaha.

  2. You’ve absolutely taken the right approach. I gave up on busting boxes to get anything worth a damn a long time ago. If I bust anything now, it’s just for fun with some “play money” I’ve collected by selling off other junk.

    I also completely agree with you on listings that end on the weekends. From Friday night to Sunday early afternoon, there are great opportunities. Sunday night though…not so much. I read somewhere that Sunday nights are the busiest with bids of any time during the week.

  3. AWESOME!!!!

    Love the bat…is there a black version?

  4. There is a black version, but I haven’t seen one on eBay for a while. I think the last one I saw sold for well over $100.

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