You Make The Call

Okay, so I’m taking a page out of NeedMoMorneau blog to do a box break for you guys. What inspired me to do this? I received a Topps Heritage High Number Flashbacks insert of Timmy from Dave from Fielder’s Choice today and I realized…I don’t really break boxes often enough to get newer cards to send out to people. I know being a player collector really limits me to buying cards off eBay individually and avoiding boxes because it makes no sense money wise. Well, this one is really for you guys. I buy only a couple boxes a year and right now, some of these prices have come down drastically from times past. You guys vote which box I open and I’ll buy it and break it sometime next week. In addition, I’ll send out team cards and hits to my usual trading partners as a thank you for keeping me in mind whenever you get a Lincecum. So Dave will get all Rays, Mario will get all Marlins, etc. I guess this is sort of like a giveaway, except not because it will be limited to frequent mailday/trade partners. Poll will end this Monday.


2 Responses to “You Make The Call”

  1. Hey…cool idea. 🙂

    I’m voting for Bowman Chrome. Yeah, it’s not the cheapest box but I honestly have more fun busting Chrome than any other product out there. I love the thrill of pulling a nice colored refractor. Let’s hope your’s happen to be TL.

  2. I voted for Elements simply because Sweet Spot has been done to death and Chrome was a lousy release in ’08.

    Either way, good luck!

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